Volodia Artiukh

This time CounterPunch sits down with Volodia Artiukh, a Ukrainian post-doctoral researcher and editor at Commons: Journal of Social Criticism, to discuss Russia’s war in Ukraine, the discourse about the war on the international left, and much more. Volodia provides his perspective on popular terms like “decolonization” and “proxy war” and whether such concepts are useful in context of Ukraine’s fight against Russian imperialism. The conversation also explores the political character of Ukrainian President Zelensky, and how the global conversation about him serves various interests. In the final portion of the discussion, Artiukh provides a detailed political analysis of Belarus, how the Bonapartist state functions,the future of Lukashenko, the state of the left following the post-2020 repression, the potential for Russian intervention, and much more. Don’t miss this important conversation available only at CounterPunch!