Playing Fiddle While the Nation Burns

The primetime hearings to investigate the facts of the January 6th storming of the Capitol will make good news copy for the failing main stream media and they need that boost. In so often failing at reporting on the actual truth behind the news in a nuanced manner the MSN has become the narrow road that the corporate narrative protectors must travel in order to please the owners, the oligarchs that is. Though the numbers of loyal prime-time viewers and interested parties continue to abandon the platforms in droves, the hearings will favorably boost their ratings until the next catastrophe strikes.

 Eventually some “insurrectionists” may be charged and held to account but for the most part they will most likely simply supply great amounts of entertainment, entertainment in the form of ammunition for the Democratic hounds who love to hate and condemn the Republican party as the Republican hounds love hating the Democrats. Unless Trump himself is brought to account and is treated in the same manner as any citizen the hearings, like the impeachment hearings, will accomplish little to nothing. Even so, the hearings will do nothing to stop or better the Republican Party or the Democratic Party or the nation as a whole and all this just before the mid-terms!

These hearings, however entertaining, will not solve the problems that lie at the root or heart of the United States, a country which is in obvious and statistically verifiable decline and these hearings, as sometimes reported, sure as hell won’t save our democracy. Likewise, convicting those citizens who were caught up in the passion of their political beliefs, as twisted as some of those beliefs may have been, will not play out in a just and righteous manner, bringing in the leaders that is and delivering sentences fairly handed down. They will if anything, only drive the wedge deeper into the heart of the nation while the real problems that affect us every day and the real criminals that hoodwink us without mercy and helped to bring on, either directly or indirectly, the fury of that crowd, go on unaddressed, untried and for the most part, unnoticed.

Donald Trump did not win the election in 2020. But saying that and condemning the protestors, guilty or not, does not fix our election system which was the system that was being challenged by Trump and his supporters. Trumps claims of a failed election my surely have been outrageous in their nature but the public suspicion of the legitimacy of elections in the US is widely understood and embraced. Our election systems are in shambles, some might say intentionally so, fueled by the corrupt machinery that manages and manipulates those elections with every trick in the book.

 The protestors who supplied the energy to that moment on the 6th of January have become, in many ways, scapegoats and a distraction to us, the public. Similar in form to the impeachment trials, that is, this political circus entertains but keeps us from addressing what is really destroying our nation, a distraction from the much more advanced and efficient enemy that will continue to rot and spoil and overcome the nation long after every Trump supporter or Proud Boy that will be, has been charged and convicted.

These hearings and trials will not stop our illegal imperialist wars, they will not bring the very real war criminals in our country, from Bush to Biden, who we support in lavish luxury, to justice. They will not stop the corporate take-over of both of our two mainstream political parties and all 3 branches of our government including that precious 4thpillar of democracy, the press. They will not redeem the ruined reputation of the US in world opinion. They will not reduce the rapid race into poverty which is today the new reality for about half of our nation’s people. They will not bring us health-care, better schools, clean, sustainable energy or protect our dying planet. These trials will not create safe places for our children. They will not empty our over-flowing prisons or provide workers with meaningful work at fair wages. They will not bring justice into our courtrooms or bring the  real and professional criminals who operate with impunity in our midst to account. They will not call out the rampant corruption that flows like oil through all levels of our “high” society. They will not make the rich pay their taxes or give some small glimmer of hope to our homeless and otherwise oppressed brothers and sisters who are living on life’s edge.  They will give a false sense of righteous character and virtuous living to some as they watch from the safety of their living rooms. The trials will not heal our nation. They will not strengthen our democracy or bring justice and prosperity to those who cry out every day for a taste of it. They will agitate and pick at the deepening wounds which have already become life threatening to our democracy while missing entirely the cause of our nations decline and the impetus behind the fatalistic support of Donald Trump or the next up and coming wanna-be dictator. The hearings will not save our democracy. They will distract us, numb us down, push us apart and rob of us our hope and confidence in government as a positive force. Meanwhile, we will be left with more questions than answers and nothing at all that would suggest real political reform in the US.

Ultimately we may see some evidence of things we already know, a few things we did not know and we may see some who will pay the price of their passions and political shenanigans but the snake in the grass who brought the corruption that is destroying the nation slithers away still largely un-noticed while the poison of its bite continues to work its way through the veins of our nation.