A Few Amendments to the Second

Photograph Source: Fibonacci Blue – CC BY 2.0

Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

—Passed on December 15, 1791

Here are a few amendments to the Second Amendment:

1. All owners of guns, up to the age of 70 (beginning at age 16), shall serve a minimum of four weeks annually in their state Militia. As citizens, they shall serve at their own expense.

2. Failure to report to the state Militia or failure to fulfill the qualifications of annual service, including physical fitness tests, shall result in the confiscation of all weapons in their possession.

3. One responsibility of such mobilized Militias shall be to help protect all public and private schools and universities across the United States.

4. Anyone buying bullets in the United States must purchase them from state-owned stores and submit to background checks. The federal government shall determine who is eligible to purchase bullets.

5. Effective January 1, 2024, all bullets manufactured or imported into the United States shall bear the blockchain identification markings of their maker and the party who has acquired them, and those parties shall remain liable for any damage caused by such a shell.

6. Every weapon in the United States shall be covered by a liability insurance policy, paid for by the gun owner. In the event that unlawful death or injury is caused by a weapon, the victim shall be entitled to receive compensation, as determined by the courts.

7. Congress shall establish a National Gun Insurance Corporation to regulate which companies shall be entitled to issue said insurance.

8. After January 1, 2027, only so-called smart guns shall be sold in the United States, and these guns shall only fire when the gun verifies, through its technology, that the lawful owner of the gun is the person firing it. An electronic trace of all gun firings shall be available in the cloud.

9. Guns shall not be transmissible in any form. Should an owner no longer wish to own his or her weapon, that gun shall be destroyed.

10. All gun manufacturers and importers shall be considered accessories under the law should one of their weapons be used in the commission of a crime.

11. The murder of school children at a public or private institution shall be considered a federal crime, similar to kidnapping. In the event of a school shooting, criminal negligence shall extend to any person or corporation that enabled the shooter to obtain the murder weapon or carry out the crime.

12. All Americans over the age of 12 shall be required to complete a gun safety class every five years and to hold proof that they are not behind in their attendance. All gun owners shall be required to attend such classes every two years.

Matthew Stevenson is the author of many books, including Reading the Rails, Appalachia Spring, andThe Revolution as a Dinner Party, about China throughout its turbulent twentieth century. His most recent book, about traveling in France and the Franco-Prussian wars, is entitled Biking with Bismarck. His new book is: Our Man in Iran.