The Asian Pivot

The Asian Pivot

sometimes I think
carpetbombing the Chinese  Reds
with trueblue capitalism
was like gleefully dropping the gay bomb
without figuring out first
which way the wind was blowing
payback is a kitsch

what if they Taiwan on
and claim America as her own
remind us of trans-Aleutian migration
call it a down payment
Little Big Horn an aphrodisiac
available at wet markets
the president is looking into it

(I read somewhere
some where some     where     some         where
that Columbus was high on opium as he journeyed
and may have got lost
and called them Indians everywhere for reasons
they haven’t told us about yet)

China is forever getting Us back
for one thing, they didn’t
call themselves China, the ‘Guese did
in search of chloroquine
and now they’ve gone and planted
a wall in DJ’s mind
to keep out the ghengiskhanis and their kids
created by Ollie North’s knowing smile

They’ve  paid Us back in spades
for the Opium Wars we made
that we all slept through
in history class
like it never happened
addicted to oxyconcertina
time to save face the music,
says Dr. Who, laughing now

capitalism like opium
is a virus for the people
another class you slept through
(how you get in Harvard that way?)
pretty soon maybe we tell you
more about gunpowder
maybe special delivery by amazon drone
how you like now them apples
Why you talk that way?

democracy die in darkness, they say
sure, sure, pass the bong
there’s more dream ahead you can’t escape from
we got you right by the hairy walnuts
what you call the yinyangs
while one of our genetically modified
Isaac Sterns plays Nutcracker Suite
now you outta balance
how you like now them apples

hope you enjoy dragonfly
coming back at you
in theatre near you soon


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John Kendall Hawkins is an American ex-pat freelancer based in Australia.  He is a former reporter for The New Bedford Standard-Times.

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