The Deadly Denial Virus

The Corona virus crisis has bought out into the open how we live within a matrix of interdependence that we normally take for granted and that is largely invisible to us.

International supply chains have been disrupted and entire national economies have sunk into recession. Basic medical equipment that plays a vital part in keeping patients alive is being pirated by a rogue government. The common bar of soap is playing the most important role of preventing the spread of the virus.

Hospitals that have always been a sanctuary when we have been ill are now the most dangerous place to be with doctors and nurses dying by the dozens. The air we breathe cannot be trusted. Showing physical affection is avoided. Buying food is a high risk operation that requires protective equipment. Thousands of tons of crops destined for restaurants and hotels have had to be plowed back under.

Suddenly we have been forced to confront our own fragile existence scared of being infected and suffocating to death because a tiny organism collapses our respitory system.

Speculation rages that the virus is the creation of some sinister bioweapon laboratory and leaked out by mistake or intentionally. We are shocked to learn that these labs have been receiving billions of dollars in funding over the past decades with the sole intention of causing the exact same type of pandemic that is currently out of control.

Leaders that have either been imposed or elected have displayed competence and astonishing incompetence. Billionaires have ended up financially benefiting from the crisis to the tune of billions of dollars in a matter of weeks. Extremely expensive hiding places pitched to the super rich are now in high demand with rich enclaves barricading themselves behind armed private security services.

Panic buying of weaponry by private citizens has cleaned out gun stores while aircraft carriers have been crippled from conducting their mission of killing and destroying.

Normally the atmosphere is so polluted around the globe that it shields the planet from the hot rays of the sun. Now that the air is clear there exists the likelihood that there will be a sudden rise in global temperatures resulting in runaway climate catastrophe.

Religious leaders have displayed helplessness while the superstitious have attempted to battle the virus armed with ignorance. Scientists have been turned into WWE wrestlers by tabloid television broadcasters while fake TV doctors get richer.

The poor, elderly, homeless, migrants, and prisoners are dying in far greater numbers while those that can afford to stay at home are kept comforted by bulging refrigerators. Mass graves are dug by grave diggers in hazmat suits while the elite shake with fear at the prospect of rioting by millions of hungry unemployed workers with no riot police showing up because they don’t have protective gear.

Herd immunity is presented as a viable option because sacrificing human lives on the altar of economic growth is considered as sound thinking. The argument is that the current economic systems collapse will result in millions dying from hunger so it makes sense to re-start the economy to prevent such a catastrophe even though the scientific evidence is lacking on how this herd immunity will play out.

While scientists work around the clock to understand the virus so as to stop its deadly rampage End Times aficionados and other religious leaders point to the days of rapture and glory awaiting true believers. Masks are for sissies and non-believers which advocates of thinning of the herd silently encourage.

A very few that are aware of the bigger picture point to the real danger, the extinction of the human species due to climate catastrophe. But endless delay, distraction, denial, and disinformation is the real virus infecting those in charge and regrettably no treatment or vaccine for this 4D Virus has been discovered.

Daryan Rezazad is the managing director of Mero Iran and is currently establishing Pivotal Cleantech of Iran so as to transfer technologies which are sustainable and help solve environmental problems.