Do the Deuteronomy 

Do the Deuteronomy 

Do you want to shampoo
Do you want to sham pee
Do you want to sit six feet
From me
And watch the news of the plague
On the TV
Or do you want to do do do
Do the Deuteronomy

Deutero, do you know what that means?
It’s Greek — meaning second, or next
And nomos, the law — this law’s wrecked
So, what’s the next law?
Wait and see
Housing all will soon be free
Do do do
Do the Deuteronomy
With me

Who will plant the crops
Who will pick the fruit
Who will bring them all to you
And me for free
The army will
You will see
Do do do
Do the Deuteronomy

Wait indoors for nine months time
The length it takes for a baby to arrive
For a new life to form
For a new world to be born
From these old rooms
From these cocoons
These chrysalides
Let’s do do do
Do the Deuteronomy

Elliot Sperber is a writer, attorney, and adjunct professor. He lives in New York City and can be reached at and on twitter @elliot_sperber