The Quotations of David Cobb

Interview with Judy Woodruff of CNN on 6/29/2004

“[My campaign] is a nuanced strategy.”

Cobb in an interview with the Times Standard Daily on 7/04/2004

“Elections are always important. The direction that Kerry and Bush are wanting to take the country is basically the same place, but the speed at which they’re going is quantitatively different.”

NPR interview with David Cobb 7/20/2004

“I’m acknowledging that there is a profound responsibility on the citizens, and they should weigh their options and decide how to spend their very precious vote.”

“Growing the Greens” by David Cobb 7/20/2004

“In the battleground states that will decide the election, we understand if you won’t vote for our ticket this time. That’s OK.”

Interview with Brad Carlton of the Baltimore Chronicle and Sentinel

“And the way that I think we can accomplish both my primary goal and as well as the secondary is to target the very finite resources of candidate time and money into those states which I call the ‘safe’ states, or the states that are not in play.”

Interview with Michael Albert at Z-Net

“I am not very concerned with my vote total.”