Blair Brothers Change Jobs

In a pathbreaking deal, the New York Times and the British Government announced today that Jayson Blair and Tony Blair will swap jobs: Tony Blair will become a reporter for the Times, and Jayson Blair will be the new British Prime Minister.

“The New York Times welcomes the addition of a distinguished world statesman to its stable of important thinkers and as an important addition to the collective wisdom to the Newspaper of Record,” publisher Punch Sulzberger said in a written statement.

For its part, the British press warmly welcomed the move to 10 Downing Street of Jayson Blair, the first American to hold the post. “For too long, British politics has been dominated by boring British politicians,” proclaimed the tabloid Mirror. “It’s high time for an American Prime Minister, to shake up the stuffy ‘old-boy’ system.”

Even the left-wing Guardian regarded the move favorably: “Tony Blair told big lies. Jayson Blair only told little lies. This is pro! gress.”

According to rumors swirling on Fleet Street, Jayson Blair’s new press secretary will be Howell Raines, his former editor at the New York Times.