Volume 27 no 2 – Hardcopy


CounterPunch Magazine

Published June 2020

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In this Issue: 400 Years in 8 Minutes: Jeffrey St. Clair on the police state in Black America; Laura Carlsen on How COVID-19 is Advancing Trump’s White Supremacy Agenda; TJ Coles on How Big Pharma Has Exploited the Crisis; Dan Glazebrook on the Malthusian Responses to the Pandemic; Stan Cox on the Contradictions of the Green New Deal; Jennifer Matsui on the Coming Medical Surveillance State; Daniel Raventos and Julie Wark on the Camps of Lesbos; Maximilian Werner on the West’s War on Predators; Chris Floyd on Dylan’s Stunning Reemergence; Pete Dolack on the New Misery Index; Lee Ballinger on the Criminalization of Rap Music; John Davis on the Disruptive Force of COVID-19; and John LaForge on What Juries Aren’t Permitted to Hear About Nuclear Weapons.