Best of CounterPunch+ 2021

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Edited by Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank


A collection of essays, investigations, and analyses that first appeared in our CP+ subscriber’s section



Last year, we transitioned (if that word is still permitted) our magazine from a bi-monthly print edition to a weekly online journal called CP +, where we published the same high-quality writing and in-depth reporting in a timelier and more accessible format. These enthralling stories are now read around the world by thousands more people, getting cutting-edge analysis when they need it most and can do something with it. But that doesn’t mean we’ve given up on print. After all, what are you going to read when the electromagnetic pulse takes the web down? In that spirit, we’ve cultivated some of the most compelling CP + stories of 2021 into a kind of greatest hits collection, featuring some familiar writers, like Dave Lindorff on the never-ending drive to privatize social security and TJ Coles on the CIA and the Israeli, and some sharp new voices, such as Naomi LaChance on the alliance between pro-Palestinian activists and trade unionist and Jack Wareham on whether there’s a future for cinema. This diverse suite of stories takes you from the oil fields of Alaska to the corrupt boardroom of Tesla, from the cancer wards of Gaza to the people who manufactured the hysteria over Critical Race Theory. Here in one hand-held volume is a year’s worth of stories about corporate villainy, official corruption, and heroic acts of resistance. There’s no need to find WIFI or an electrical outlet. It’s a book! You can take it with you wherever you go.
Published by CounterPunch, 2022. Paperback.