A Bush & Botox World


A Bush & Botox World: Travels Through Bush’s America

By Saul Landau



Botox promoters promise to wipe away wrinkles, the signs of aging- the signs of time passing. Such “eternal youth” potions metophorically help erase the very notion of time itself. In a phony world, increasingly dependent on smoke and mirrors, it is no wonder we look at elected officials like a cheap circus act. Saul Landau travels in and out of America, from the stress-filled cultures of Southern California business people and poor towns in Texas, to the wildly booming streets of Hanoi and temples of Angkor Wat, to muse on just how low we have sunk. The book explores the ironies of a time in which science uncovers the genetic code and masters of physics of instant global communication technology, while bible thumpers and talkers to Christ advocate medieval crusades to spread their order to infidels. gore Vidal provides a scabrously funny introduction to a book by an author he “loves to steal ideas from.”

Published by CounterPunch and AK Press 2007.  176 Pages.

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