Volume 18 no 22

December 16-31, 2011

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Now It’s Rio’s Turn – Why the Olympic Games Are Always Wars on the Poor
By Michael Volpe

From the Angle of Farm Workers and Farm Work – The Rise and Fall of Cesar Chavez and the UFW
By Bill Hatch

Factory Farms as Reality and Metaphor – Terror, Domination and Meat
By Rob Urie

Volume 18 no 21

December 1-15, 2011

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Portrait of an American “Hero” – A Soldier’s Story
By JoAnn Wypijewski

Volume 18 no 20

November 16-30, 2011

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What’s the U.S. Up to in the Pacific?
By Conn Hallinan

Down the Mine and Up the Chimney with Dr. Gingrich
By Alexander Cockburn

Obama and Labor – Friends Without Benefits
By David Macaray

Involuntary Selective Service for All – Corporate Nihilism and the Roots of War
By C.P. Wilkinson

Volume 18 no 19

November 1-15, 2011

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Is There Any Fundamental Difference Between the Bush and Obama Presidencies in the Area of Domestic Civil Liberties? – Obama’s Assault: 20 Examples
By Bill Quigley

Beyond Anti-Semitism
By Rebecca Gould

Obama’s Attack on Social Security and Medicare
By Dave Lindorff

Volume 18 no 18

October 16-31, 2011

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“So, Finally, What’s a Former Catholic to do When her Church is Corrupt and Moribund?” – Clerical Sex Abuse and the Vatican
By Nancy Scheper-Hughes

Did They Really Read His Lips? – Obama’s Policy on Marijuana: The Reform Leaders’ Misleading Spin
By Fred Gardner

Volume 18 no 17

October 1-15, 2011

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“Most People Who have Worked in the Fields Say it is the Hardest Work They Have Ever Done” – The Work Itself
By Frank Bardacke

The Black Backlash Against Obama
By Linn Washington Jr.

Volume 18 no 16

September 16-30, 2011

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Succeeding Where Bush Failed – The Obama Administration’s Nuclear Weapons Surge
By Darwin Bond-Graham

Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Radiation Still Leaking – Recovery Still Years Away
By Richard Wilcox

Volume 18 no 15

September 1-15, 2011

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Obama and the Economy
By Mike Whitney

The “Jobs” Speech
By Andrew Cockburn

Guantánamo, Torture and Obama’s Surrenders
By Andy Worthington

Downhill from 2005 – A Tale of Two Lefts in Mexico
By Paul Imison

Volume 18 no 14

August 1-31, 2011

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“I want you to tell me why you killed people” – Howard Zinn’s Apologies, Allen Nelson’s Nightmares
By Doug Lummis

Buddy’s Story – Has a Cop Killed Your Dog?
By Patrick Higgins

Just Look at a Map and the Numbers – England: Why Riots Now? What to Do
By Adam Coutts & David Stuckler

Volume 18 no 13

July 1-31, 2011

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Where Did the Radiation Plumes from Japan Touch Down? – The Fukushima Disaster and Infant Deaths in the U.S.A.
By Pierre Sprey with Alexander Cockburn

Mark Zborowski in a World of Pain – Part Two: Trial by FBI
By David Price

Good Deeds of the Grass Roots Aristocracy – Cops and Crazy People
By Bill Hatch

Volume 18 no 12

June 16-30, 2011

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How America’s Shrinks Collude with Drug Industry In Turning America’s Children into Zombies
By Jed Bickman

Mark Zborowski in a World of Pain – Part One, The Spy-Scholar
By David Price

Volume 18 no 11

June 1-15, 2011

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Worse Than Yugoslavia and Iraq? – The Press and NATO’s Attack on Libya
By Alexander Cockburn & Patrick Cockburn

Alabama’s Awful New Immigration Law, HB56
By Stewart J. Lawrence

Interview with Jan Haaken – Feminism’s Pyrrhic Victory?
By Michael Snedecker

Censorship in Japan: The Fukushima Cover-up
By Richard Wilcox

Volume 18 no 10

May 16-31, 2011

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How Tre Arrow Became America’s Most Wanted Environmental “Terrorist”
By Joshua Frank & Jeffrey St. Clair

The U.S. Government Won’t Be Charged With Perjury, Even When It’s Caught in a Lie
By Sally Eberhardt

Neoliberalism Meets Cosmetic Surgery – Giving Unemployment a Face-Lift
By Mona Chollet

Volume 18 no 9

May 1-15, 2011

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“Judge Whether Good Enough [to hit] SH @ Same Time –Not Only UBL.” – Donald Rumsfeld’s Really Huge Mistake
By Andrew Cockburn

“Freeing ourselves from nuclear power would mean starting a new life with hope” – How Japan Can Prosper without Nuclear Power
By Takashi Hirose

Syria and the Specter of Civil War
By Margot Patterson

Volume 18 no 8

April 16-30, 2011

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Travels to Kabul and Tehran – From Earthquake to Statis
By Patrick Cockburn

Report from Japan – Nuclear Power’s Future Amidst Fukushima Crisis
By Richard Wilcox

The Logic of Nonintervention
By Jean Bricmont

Volume 18 no 7

April 1-15, 2011

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Flat Out Wrong  – How the Guardian Stitched up Julian Assange
By Guy Rundle

“Medvedev vs. Putin” and other Burlesques  – Russian Politics after Libya
By Israel Shamir

“The traditional left and right parties are largely discredited” – The Rise of Marine Le Pen
By Larry Portis

Volume 18 no 6

March 16-31, 2011

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“Follow the Money” – Why the U.S. Defense Budget Soars, Even as the Military Shrinks
By Andrew Cockburn

Badger-Two Medicine and the Blackfeet – Battle in the Backbone of the World
By Andrea Peacock

Volume 18 no 5

March 1-15, 2011

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How Obama Flacked for Plutonium as Fukushima Burned
By Will Parish

Hate, Hope and Despair in France
By Larry Portis

One More Chapter in the Great Game – Why Was Raymond Davis Destabilizing Pakistan?
By Shaukat Qadir

Volume 18 no 4

February 16-28, 2011

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Rendering the Dictator’s Manual Inoperable – The Great Arab Revolutions of 2011
By Esam Al-Amin

1952 and After – Earthquakes for Sixty Years
By Vijay Prashad

Why Madison Matters – Endgame of the Reagan Revolution
By Andrew Levine

Balkanization and its Discontents – U.S.A.’s Doomed Afghan Plan
By Shaukat Qadir

Volume 18 no 3.2

February 1-15, 2011

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For CounterPunch Subscribers – This File Contains all the State Department cables discussed in Kathleen Christison’s article in CounterPunch newsletter Volume 18, Number 3
By CounterPunch Editors

Volume 18 no 3.1

February 1-15, 2011

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Inside the Lethal World of Bulk Carriers – Death Trip on the Seven Seas
By Stan Cox

The Bitter Fruits of Taking Things for Granted  – U.S.-Egyptian Relationship as Shown in Wiki-Leaked Cables
By Kathleen Christison

Beyond Genocide – Against the Crime of Sociocide
By Larry Portis

Volume 18 no 2

January 16-31, 2011

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Wikileaks on Gaza – U.S. Coached Israel on War Crimes
By Kathleen Christison

Tremors in the Empire
By Alexander Cockburn

The Great Marginalization  – “Winning the Future” Obama-style
By Carl Ginsburg

Spirit of Revolt Rekindles in France – Resistance and Stéphane Hessel
By Larry Portis

Volume 18 no 1

January 1-15, 2011

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Sparks Amid the Moral Darkness – A Page From The Abolitionists’ handbook: “Ending U.S.-Sponsored Torture Forever”
By JoAnn Wypijewski

Criminal Kosovo – America’s Gift to Europe
By Diana Johnstone