Anthony DiMaggio

Anthony DiMaggio is Associate Professor of Political Science at Lehigh University. He is the author of Rising Fascism in America: It Can Happen Here (Routledge, 2022), in addition to Rebellion in America (Routledge, 2020), and Unequal America (Routledge, 2021). He can be reached at: A digital copy of Rebellion in America can be read for free here.

Teaching the “War on Terror”: Lessons for Contemporary Politics

Trump’s Trade War and the Emerging Corporatist-Fascist State

The “Trump Recovery”: Behind Right-Wing Populism’s Radical Transformation

System Capture 2020: The Role of the Upper-Class in Shaping Democratic Primary Politics

Withdrawal Pains and Syrian Civil War: An Analysis of U.S. Media Discourse

The Shutdown as Fascist Creep: Profiling Right-Wing Extremism in America

Imperialist in Chief: A Critical History of George H. W. Bush’s War on Iraq

In the Wake of the Blue Wave: the Midterms, Recounts, and the Future of Progressive Politics

Full-On Fascism: Trump Makes the Transition in his War on the Press

Fascist Nation: The “Alt-Right” Menace Persists, Despite Setbacks

Erasing Flint’s Water Crisis: Or How to Lie With Statistics

Union End Times: The Supreme Court’s Fatal Attack on Public-Sector Workers

The Limits of #MeToo: Sectionalism, Economism, and “Identity Politics” on the Left

#MeToo: Women are Speaking Out, Are We Listening?

Fool Me Twice? Americans Reject Trump’s Tax Cuts

Who Are the “Alt-Right”? On the Rise of Reactionary Hatred and How to Fight it

Free Speech for the Right? A Primer on Key Legal Questions and Principles

Responding to Antifa and Riseup: On Revolutionary Politics and Non-Violence

Trump’s Antifa Moment: Police Repression, Nonviolence, and Movement Building on the Left

A Plea for Nonviolence: Fighting Fascism in Trump’s America

Fascism Here We Come: the Rise of the Reactionary Right and the Collapse of “The Left”

Journalism Under Assault: Trump’s Crackdown on the News, and Where We Go From Here

“A Better Deal”? Dissecting the Democrats’ “Populist” Turn in Rhetoric and Reality

Higher Education Fallacies: What’s Behind Rising Conservative Distrust of Learning?

Health Care Repeal Fallout: On the Front Lines of the Campaign for Universal Health Care

Election Con 2016: New Evidence Demolishes the Myth of Trump’s “Blue-Collar” Populism

Trump and the Paris Accord: Who’s to Blame for the Climate Change Crisis?

Swamp Politics, Trump Style: “Russiagate” Diverts From the Real White House Scandals

From Bad to Worse: Forecasting the Effects of Republican Health Care Reform

An American Uprising: Assessing Opportunities for Progressive Political Change

Ditching the “Deep State”: The Rise of a New Conspiracy Theory in American Politics

Capitalism in Crisis: Getting Ready for Change in the Age of Trump

DeVos and the “Free Lunch” Flimflam: Orwell, Neofeudalism, and the Destruction of the Welfare State

Media Ban! Making Sense of the War Between Trump and the Press

Forecasting Trump’s Presidency: The Republican Party’s Decline, and What Comes Next?

The Case for Impeachment: Donald Trump’s Islamophobia and the Threat to the Constitution

Reflections on DC: Promises and Pitfalls in the Anti-Trump Uprising

Ethics Fiasco: Trump, Divestment and the Perversion of Executive Politics

Politicizing Victimhood: Human Rights as a Propaganda Weapon in Aleppo and Mosul

The Pathologies of War: Dual Propaganda Campaigns in Reporting on Syria

The Anti-Trump Uprising: Forging a Path Forward in Uncertain Times

Post-Fact Politics: Reviewing the History of Fake News and Propaganda

How Did We Get Here? What Lies Ahead?

Worse Than Watergate? Revisiting the Clinton Email Fiasco

Lesser Evil Voting and Prospects for a Progressive Third Party

Lesser Evil Voting and Prospects for a Progressive Third Party

Bigotry for Profit and “Fun:” Traversing the Wasteland of U.S. Election News

Bigotry for Profit and “Fun:” Traversing the Wasteland of U.S. Election News

The Debates as Democratic Façade: Voter “Rationality” in American Elections

White Supremacist America: Trump and the “Return” of Right-Wing Hate Culture