April 2002

The FBI and the Music Bosses

Chomsky, Letters to the Writer and the Peace Movement

Prisoners of the Infinite

The New Danish Government and the Far Right

Apartheid in the Holy Land

Bank Robs Publishers, Vows Repeat

At the Church of the Nativity

The Tits Make the Activist

Henry Kissinger, Wanted Man

So Long Frank O. Gehry?

Bleats of Dissent

Stuck Inside the Pyramid with the J-School Blues Again

Adelphia Censors Goin’ Down

Set This Flag on Fire!

Anti-Bribery Law Takes a Major Hit

Let’s Stop the Killing of an Innocent Man

Earth Day with Shrub

UVM Sells Out to Federal Drug Warriors

US Media Profit, Propaganda and Puffery

Politics and Wordplay at the Vatican

Biowarfare, Terror Weapons and the US

Letter to a Young Muslim

Standing with the Peace Protesters

Clemency for Ricky Johnson

Palestinians and American Responsibility

A20 in Seattle…Rough Stuff with the Police

Rough Stuff in Seattle:

Code Bleu, The French Election

Time Out! A Pause for Longer-Range Thinking

Jenin, the Propaganda Battle

A Big Blow to Big Tobacco

A Farewell to My Chief

Gomer as Claudius

Who’s Helping the Victims of The Jenin Massacre?

The Loneliest Road

Word Games and Body Bags

Who Will Rid Us of the Pedophile Priests?

EPA Ombudsman ResignsAccountability in Handling of Superfund Sites Threatened

Absenteism and the Fall of Lionel Jospin

Taking the Message to the Beast’s Belly

An Open Letter to Israeli Soldiers


Occupation, Terror and Understanding

Today I Was a Palestinian

US "Suckered" Again in Israel

Sex and Power in Catholicism

250,000 Say

Back Jose Bustani

We Come for Peace

Drowning in a Sea of Apathy