Netanyahu’s Alliance With Hamas

Israeli Duplicity

Netanyahu addresses the Knesset.

Forgotten in the mainstream media’s coverage of the Israeli assault on Gaza—if it was ever known by the correspondents—is the long history of Netanyahu and Likud in the creation and support of Hamas. Despite the flood of reports and commentaries in the mainstream media no mention is ever made of Israeli’s complicity in creating and sustaining Hamas in order to split the Palestinians politically and to sever Gaza from the West Bank. That was done in order to prevent forever the establishment of a Palestinian state. For Likud and Netanyahu the greatest threat is peace. Peace would end the dream of Likud and its rightwing allies of an Israeli state that includes the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

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Daniel Beaumont teaches Arabic language & literature and other courses at the University of Rochester. He is the author of Slave of Desire: Sex, Love & Death in the 1001 Nights and Preachin’ the Blues: The Life & Times of Son House. He can be contacted at:

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