Genocide in Palestine is This Century’s Signature Atrocity

The genocide in Palestine is the atrocity of the 21st century and if there are history books we will remember where we were, what we were doing, and who we were with. Many people don’t realize it yet, but they will, and it will be too late and the wrong lessons will be learned. But if you’re on the left you at least have the ability to see this atrocity in real time.

The left saw this coming. This is not the time or place to ask about the left. This is a serious moment that should be left to serious people. At this point I will admit that I am not one of those people. So addressing this question of the left is a nod to our only and final hope. It feels ridiculous to talk about the left at this time but I won’t pretend to understand anything else or even be interested in understanding anything else. At this point the left will save us or no one will.

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Nick Pemberton writes and works from Saint Paul, Minnesota. He loves to receive feedback at 

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