Inside the Mind of Ted Kaczynski

The Unabomber and Modern Technology

Image of Unabomber being arrested.

Image by Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Kaczynski’s analysis of how the economy works was spot on and was also given short shrift, in part because of the stupid name, “Unabomber,” that he has been tagged with. The word derives from the Unabomb Task Force, the group the FBI assembled to track down Kaczynski. “Unabomb” was short for “University and Airlines Bombings,” which were the first targets of Kaczynski’s mail bombs. Despite tons of physical evidence, the FBI completely failed at locating Kaczynski until they asked the major media to publish his manifesto. Kaczynski’s brother recognized his sibling’s handwork and gave the FBI directions to the cabin in the woods.

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Steve O’Keefe is the author of several books, most recently Set the Page on Fire: Secrets of Successful Writers, from New World Library, based on over 250 interviews. He is the former editorial director for Loompanics Unlimited.

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