The Trouble with Palm Oil

A Horrendous Crime But Whose Story?

Deforestation in Indonesia, making way for an oil palm plantation. Photo: Aidenvironment, 2006, flickr:Riau flickr user:Wakx.

As if the Southeast Asian haze, otherwise known as a “recurrent transboundary air pollution issue”, wasn’t enough, there are many other reminders of how harmful the palm oil industry is to this planet. It’s well known that massiveland-clearing operations of the palm oil agribusiness burn down rainforests and cause the sky-blackening haze but the damage spreads much wider. In the West, opposition to this destruction tends to be fairly direct, in the form of boycotts, protests against certain companies, books, or articles like this one, from outside perspectives that differ greatly from those of the people, species, and habitats that are directly affected.

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