The Korean War’s Hidden History

Image by Ian Hutchinson.

A common pit for even the most discerning and serious person to fall into would be the temptations and trappings of nostalgia. Particularly in a climate as politically charged as ours, this is an easy trapdoor to trigger. The yearning to return home, the proper definition of “nostalgia”, can be a clarion call for even the most hard-nosed rationalist. 

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Josh Cohen is a writer, podcaster, and commentator living out of the Midwest. He is the Managing Editor for History On The Net and has written for a number of reputable publications, including TownHall. He has a podcast on history, called “Eyewitness History“ where he has interviewed people as varied as a member of Queen, the former principal of Columbine, a holocaust survivor, and a legendary writer for Saturday Night Live.

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