Phillips’ Formula: The Art of Politicizing Noir on Page and Screen

Image courtesy of Soho.

Scripts, comics, TV episodes and fiction flow from the prolific, protean pen and brain of Gary Phillips, who is now adding two more books to his already impressive oeuvre of 20-plus volumes. The Los Angeles-based auteur’s latest novel, One-Shot Harry (Soho Crime), is set against the backdrop of Dr. Martin Luther King’s imperiled visit to L.A. as he prepares for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963. And hard on the heels of this hardboiled page turner, the tireless Phillips has edited the crime anthology South Central Noir (Akashic Books), which drops September 6.

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Ed Rampell is a contributor to the new book on America’s former Poet Laureate “Conversations With W.S. Merwin” and co-author of “The Hawaii Movie and Television Book“.

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