Cheney’s Inferno Comes to Capitol Hill

That’s why the chick was in the way. That’s why so many died needless deaths in a war of lies and looting. Of course, all war crimes on this scale require huge numbers of “willing executioners,” and the snarling man had plenty of help. (Not least from the Senate “statesman” who helped secure bipartisan support for the aggression, Joe Biden.) But the one person on this earth most responsible for the wanton murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq – and a war that destabilized the entire world with its reverberations, killing more multitudes of the innocent – was that snarling, round-faced perverter of democracy, Dick Cheney.

Now as I write this today, on January 6, I can see video of the Democratic members of Congress gathered to honor the officers who tried to stem the attack on the Capitol last year – an attack fomented by a man who, unlike Cheney and Bush, failed in his effort to subvert an election. I see Dick Cheney there, with his daughter Liz, the only sitting Republican to show up. I see solemn Democratic grandees lining up to shake Dick Cheney’s hand, to welcome him warmly. A glance at media feeds shows me a great gaggle of “liberal” voices praising Cheney for “supporting democracy,” engaging in their usual orgiastic spasms at the sight of any display of bipartisanship.

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