I, Ken Loach

Labour's Purges

Image by Lian Begett.

Not all socialists get expelled from Labour, but most people expelled from Labour are socialists. This is a strange thing for a party that claims the heritage of democratic socialism. And yet it is the mark of Keir Starmer’s leadership.

The expulsion of socialist filmmaker Ken Loach from the Labour Party is a testament to the decay that has set in since Jeremy Corbyn stepped down. Starmer has changed the course of the party, but it has nothing to do with winning elections.

We only have Loach’s word on why he was expelled because of the shadowy way Labour prefers to operate. But the story rings true. The director claims he has been kicked out of Labour because he has spoken out against the hostile environment in the party.

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Josh White is the author of Goodbye United Kingdom: Descent into Chaos (2015-2022).

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