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Timothy Ingalsbee -1 post

Timothy Ingalsbee, Ph.D., is the executive director of Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics and Ecology.

Thomas M. Hanna -1 post

Thomas M. Hanna is the Director of Research at The Democracy Collaborative. Follow him @ThomasMHanna.

Eric Murphy -1 post

Eric Murphy is a graduate of the UC Berkeley School of Journalism

George V. Wright -1 post

George V. Wright is professor emeritus from the Department of Political Science at California State University, Chico. He also sits on the Editorial Board of the United Public Workers for Action based in San Francisco.

Jaelani Turner-Williams -1 post

Jaelani Turner-Williams is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio.

Jacob F. Lee – Matthew E. Stanley -1 post

Jacob F. Lee is assistant professor of history at Penn State University focusing colonialism and borderlands in early America. His book, Masters of the Middle Waters: Indian Nations and Colonial Ambitions Along the Mississippi (Harvard University Press, 2019), won the 2019 Jon Gjerde Prize in Midwest History.   Matthew E. Stanley is assistant professor of history at Albany State University.  He is the author of three books on war and memory, including the forthcoming Grand Army of Labor: Workers, Veterans, and the Meaning of the Civil War (University of Illinois Press, 2021).  

Paul M. Renfro -1 post

Paul M. Renfro is an Assistant Professor of History at Florida State University and the author of Stranger Danger: Family Values, Childhood, and the American Carceral State (Oxford University Press, 2020).  

Morgan Palumbo – Jessice Draper -1 post

Morgan Palumbo is a researcher with the Foreign Influence Transparency Initiative at the Center for International Policy. Jessica Draper is a researcher with the Foreign Influence Transparency Initiative and Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy.

Paul Ryder -1 post

Paul Ryder has been research assistant to attorney Leonard Weinglass, Pentagon Papers Legal Defense; national staff, Indochina Peace Campaign; policy director for Ohio Governor Richard Celeste; and organizing director for Ohio Citizen Action. He is the principal author and editor of “The Good Neighbor Campaign Handbook” (2006) and co-editor with Susan Wind Early of “Tom Hayden on Social Movements” (2019).

Shelby Seth -1 post

Shelby Seth is a #BLM organizer and a recent graduate of Chapman University. You can follow her on twitter @shelbypetrova

Peter Blackmer -1 post

Peter Blackmer is a Research Fellow at the Detroit Equity Action Lab, an initiative of the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights at Wayne State University Law School.

Jason Kirkpatrick -1 post

Jason Kirkpatrick is the former Vice Mayor, Arcata, California.