Dr. Martin Luther King’s Challenge to the Movement, as the Fascists Storm the Capital

Right now, the central challenge to standing up to the armed right, in the midst of COVID and police occupation of Black communities is a sober re-assessment of the present period and reconstruction of a revolutionary alternative. Contrary to the reactionary and ridiculous counter-position of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, it was their mutual leadership of the Black united front and the larger anti-imperialist united front that made them so dangerous to the system, a political perspective that is painfully missing today.

The Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump: Can He be Convicted?

Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro, a graduate of Harvard Law School, asked his colleagues: “If inciting a deadly insurrection is not enough to get a president impeached, then what is?” Ten Republicans voted for Impeachment, but 197 House Republicans disagreed. Trump incited the crowd in person on the Mall. He lied to his supporters saying, “I’ll be with [...]

Lessons From the 6 January Insurrection

While the majority of Americans deplored the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, it was troubling to see a YouGov poll indicating that 1 in 5 voters approved of the assault. Their attitudes were buttressed by a significant number of House and Senate Republicans who have egged on the matter by continuing to call into question the legitimacy of last November’s election result. This is a sign that the rot in the American political system goes deep.

Time to Trash the Terrorist Watch List, a Police-State Frankenstein Gone Off the Rails

I have something in common with some of the brownshirt thugs who assaulted the Capitol, some reportedly intent on kidnapping and/or killing congressional leaders and members like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader and  presumptive Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Vice President Mike Pence. 

Trump’s Failed Coup

The attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 was a planned effort to overturn the legitimate results of the November 2020 presidential election – an election that saw Joe Biden receive more than 7 million popular votes and 74 electoral votes than Donald Trump. Even before the overwhelming defeat suffered by the incumbent president [...]

Why Trumpism Will Live On

Just a week after the U.S. Capitol was attacked by his supporters, Donald Trump has become the first president of the United States to be impeached twice. But regardless of how Trump leaves the White House — the Senate won’t act on the impeachment before Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20 — the domestic terrorism he has inspired will not end there.

Coup, Coup, Kachoo

Contrary to the bleatings of rabid Never Trumpers, Democrat drum majors, and neurasthenic pundits, the Butthead Circus of camo wanks, Halloweening morons, and feeble-minded Q Anon dead-enders, the bumbling vandalism and imbecile thuggery at the Capitol had no resemblance whatever to an actual coup. See Websters, Coup d’Etat: “A sudden, decisive action in politics effecting a [...]

Encircling China and Praising India: The US Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific

The feeling from Rory Medcalf of the Australian National University was one of breathless wonder. “The US government,” he wrote in The Strategist, “has just classified one of its most secretive national security documents – its 2018 strategic framework for the Indo-Pacific, which was formally classified SECRET and not for release to foreign nationals.” Washington’s [...]

Dear Republicans, Was Your Deal With Trump Worth It?

When Donald Trump ran for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination in 2016, many top Republicans shunned him. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) confidently explained how Trump was “not going to change the platform of the Republican Party, the views of the Republican Party… we’re much more likely to change him.” He even admitted, “it’s pretty obvious [...]

An Ordinary German Neo-Nazi

In 2017, a new German political party semi Neo-Nazi called AfD – Alternative for Germany – swept into Germany’s federal parliament winning 12.6% of the popular vote. By the end of 2020, the AfD entered all sixteen state parliaments, even though its support declined to 9% in recent months. Among the state legislatures in which [...]

Peace in Nagorno-Karabakh Remains Fragile, With Key Issues Unresolved

As Armenia ends its annual two-week holiday period, the mood in the country is sombre. The former Soviet state is continuing to reckon with its losses from the six-week war it waged last year with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh. The Nagorno-Karabakh region, or Artsakh to Armenians, lies within Azerbaijan’s international border. However, up until last year, [...]

Lynching Political Correctness

I still see the noose in front of the capitol building, dangling oh so metaphorically. “No matter how all this plays out, it’s only the beginning,” wrote a user on The Donald message board, according to the Associated Press. Actually, it’s anything but the beginning — though I get what the writer means, that there’s more to [...]

Misusing King’s Message

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was profoundly moved by injustice and inequality ubiquitous throughout the US. The question he asked about injustice in 1967, “Where do we go from here?” was answered with two options: community or chaos. The question is profoundly important in 2021. On the holiday to celebrate King’s birth the whitewashing of [...]

The New No Fly List: More Dangerous than the Capitol Rioters

As I write this, the Capitol Hill riot of January 6 is enjoying its extended 15 minutes of fame, complete with straight-faced comparisons to December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001. In hindsight, it will hopefully (and hopefully quickly) shrink to its real-life proportions: A few thousand hysterical Donald Trump supporters, and likely at most [...]

Moving Forward with Accountability and Justice

The deep and multifaceted social/biological/political crises that characterize the 21st century are primed to intensify in the coming days, weeks, months and years. Deadly social catastrophes and explosions in train of the frankly incompetent public health response to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, and the right wing mob’s deadly storming of the US Capitol on [...]

Honoring Dr. King

Today our American family dysfunction is on display for all the world to see. As a keeper of secrets, my work as a psychiatrist and healer told me that our culture was sick long ago. The stories I have heard of grandfathers, brothers, fathers, lovers, priests who rape and abuse and then manage to coerce [...]

A Yemeni Famine Made in Washington and Riyadh

Ending months of speculation, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on January 10 that the Trump Administration would designate Yemen’s Houthi rebels (Ansar Allah) as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” (FTO). Branding the Houthis as terrorists will make it vastly more difficult for humanitarian groups to deliver desperately needed food, fuel, and medicine to 24 million [...]

QAnon’s Afterlife: A Holy Civil War

The role of QAnon in the January 6 MAGAist insurrection is becoming clearer by the day. Most readers are familiar by now with its unofficial mascot, be-horned “supersoldier” (and perhaps future WWE Trump tag-team member) Q Shaman. In addition, at least two of the five dead were QAnon adherents. Even the killed police officer followed QAnon influencers on Parler.

Why There Was No People’s Rebellion Against a Fascist U.S. President: Nine Reasons

ast Friday’s New York Times included Paul Krugman’s elementarily accurate editorial observation that “Donald Trump…is indeed a fascist – an authoritarian willing to use violence to achieve his racial nationalist goals. So are many of his supporters. If you had any doubts,” Krugman rightly argued, the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol (by a frenzied mob of fascists directly instigated by Donald Trump and his Big fascist Lie that the 2020 election was stolen!) “should have ended them.”

Roaming Charges: Do Me Two Times, I’m Goin’ Away

I fully support the right of the People to overthrow their own government. I draw the line at the government currently in power overthrowing the next government before it takes office, thus denying the People the privilege to overthrow it when it, inevitably, betrays them.

Absence of Abortion Rights is Depriving Latin America of Agency and the Right to Thrive

I can’t mention her name, because she is a child. Twelve at the time, she was too young to legally work, but not too young to be forced to be a parent. She was a student of mine, and I remember, just a few years ago, playing the bridge game with her. She laughed with [...]

A (Not-So-New) Profile of the American Right: On the Authoritarian-Fascist Crisis

Following the January 6th neofascistic attacks on Capitol Hill, Americans are quickly waking up to the realities of growing extremism on the right. There is now a large share of reactionaries in this country who are drawing false equivalencies between Antifa and Black Lives Matter on the left, and the neofascists on the right. What [...]

Neoliberalism is Fascism with Better Manners

The best use of the New York Times is usually catching up on the CIA’s talking points for the day. However, back in June of 2019 it published a surprisingly hard hitting article on Joe Biden’s history of crafting and promoting the odious bill that created the modern militarized police and carceral state. The money shot is a quote from Mr. Biden where he seemingly takes credit for mass incarceration: “every major crime bill since 1976 that’s come out of this Congress, every minor crime bill, has had the name of the Democratic senator from the State of Delaware: Joe Biden.” With Mr. Biden currently drafting ‘domestic terrorism’ legislation, alarm bells should be sounding.

Here We Go Again: Botching the Vaccine Rollout

At the rate we’re vaccinating against covid in the U.S., it will take 10 years for the entire population to receive shots. To counter this, on January 12, the Trump regime announced that it would expand vaccination, regardless of whether second doses are available. Biden had earlier said he would do this too. The reasons [...]

Will the Senate Confirm Coup Plotter Nuland?  

Who is Victoria Nuland? Most Americans have never heard of her because the U.S. corporate media’s foreign policy coverage is a wasteland. Most Americans have no idea that President-elect Biden’s pick for Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs is stuck in the quicksand of 1950s U.S.-Russia Cold War politics and dreams of continued NATO [...]

The Shortage of Black Physicians is a Legacy of Racism and Class-Based Discrimination

“Nobody wants to be an emergency at Harlem Hospital but if the Negro surgeon is visiting, pride cuts down the pain.”  Author Toni Morrison was alluding to the scarcity of Black physicians in 1926 (Jazz, 1992). Kareem Abdul-Jabbar took similar note almost 100 years later. The basketball legend pointed out that, “Black babies survive more [...]

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and Australia’s Complicity

Australia’s Foreign Minister, Marise Payne, said little in the statement from her department, which was a good thing, as it might have been dangerously useful. The finding of a UK court on whether Julian Assange would be extradited to the United States was made “on the grounds of his mental health and consequent suicide risk.” [...]

Conan and the Vandals

It took another Barbarian to deliver the toughest talk to the Vandals and Goths who sacked the American Capitol last week. Whether any from these bearded, fur-clad tribes were listening to Conan the Californian seems unlikely since his campfireside chat was issued on YouTube, a forum from which the Germanic marauders’ orange-haired chieftain had been [...]

Capital, the US Two-Party System and the Chicken Coup

We have a two-party system that has been very successful in containing the political responses in the US to the various conflicts and contradictions that have arisen in its history.  During the first half of the 19th century the issue of slavery was compromised and finessed by slaveowner control of the Democratic Party (coupled with [...]

Last Trump Sale of Public Lands for Fracking Prompts Outrage and Hope

Trump has made it a goal to sell as much public land as possible for fracking over the last four years, but thankfully after today, the administration’s pro-fossil fuel, climate and science denying, anti-public agenda will finally come to an end. That’s because today marks the last federal oil and gas lease sale to be [...]

The Breakdown: January 6, 2021

Where is a cop when you need one? Well, some of them were taking selfies of themselves posing with rioters. Others were barricading the doors of the Capitol and getting their heads bashed in with fire extinguishers. In any event, they all were one way or the other too busy to arrest the ringleader who [...]

The Irony of Calling America a “Banana Republic”

In the days after the Donald Trump-inspired siege of the U.S. Capitol, many Americans are still seeking to make sense of what transpired. But some politicians and businesspeople have found one aspect of the mob that hoped to overturn the election especially unnerving: its suggestion of “banana republic” politics. “This is banana republic crap,” asserted Rep. Mike Gallagher of [...]

The Strange Case of Andrew Roberts and the Liberal Anglosphere

“There is a kind of stupidity among the drunks, particularly when they are sober…” ― John le Carré Oh dear. The New Cold War is having a very particular effect on the Right, just as it is on the liberals. But between these two neo-nostalgias, there is a confluence of interests. On the Right side, let [...]

A Reminder: Black Lives Matter and Woodrow Wilson in Geneva

The recent insurrection in Washington is a reminder, if one is needed, that not speaking up against injustice has dire consequences. The invasion of the Capitol was the physical culmination of at least four years of collective amnesia/appeasement. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is an ongoing manifestation against hundreds of years of amnesia/appeasement. While [...]

America Condemns One Violent Mob While Celebrating Another

Most rational Americans have correctly criticized and denounced the violent insurrection in the Capitol last week. Those moments of attack by a racist, disgusting mob have not lacked for condemnation and denunciation. They were violent. They were reprehensible. They called for the killing of lawmakers, demanded the hanging of Congress members. The liberal media and [...]

Resistance is not Futile: A Brief History of Lebanon’s Hezbollah

Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has inspired fear within the Empire through both armed struggle and its success in electoral politics. For effectively wielding this double-edged sword, the “Party of God” has been vilified by countless politicians and media outlets. From its birth as an armed resistance to Israeli attacks on Lebanon over 35 years ago, [...]

Capitalism’s Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Before Justin Trudeau was prime minister of Canada, right winger Stephen Harper held the position.  A loud-mouthed, somewhat boorish right-winger, he attacked immigrants, the indigenous nations of Canada, working people, the environment and everyone to his left.  Millions of Canadians breathed a huge sigh of relief when Harper was defeated in the 2012 elections.  The overall [...]

TV Daze

What should we call what happened January 6? Was it a failed coup? That seems right, but how can a government overthrow itself? This is why some fastidious political scientists and many South Americans would more likely call it an “autogolpe,” literally a “self-coup.” In the Weimar Republic, they would have called it a “putsch.” [...]

Mismanagement and the Domestication of Yellowstone Bison

For 24 years Buffalo Field Campaign has been on the frontlines in the Yellowstone ecosystem advocating for the protection of the only continuously wild bison herds in the United States. During that time, the State of Montana has captured management control of Yellowstone National Park and the Custer Gallatin National Forest via the Interagency Bison [...]

Biden’s China Conundrum

Soon-to-be President Joe Biden will instantly face a set of extraordinary domestic crises — a runaway pandemic, a stalled economy, and raw political wounds, especially from the recent Trumpian assault on the Capitol — but few challenges are likely to prove more severe than managing U.S. relations with China. While generally viewed as a distant [...]

Why Are People Going Hungry in India Despite a Massive Grain Surplus?

The Indian intelligentsia has an incredible propensity to swallow the self-serving arguments of metropolitan capitalism that are typically supposed to constitute ‘economic wisdom,’ and nowhere is this more evident than in the case of India’s food economy. There are a plethora of center-page articles in newspapers these days suggesting that Indian kisans (farmers) should move [...]

The Public Lands Restoration Apocalypse

The Bureau of Land Management’s latest assault on the West’s biodiverse pinyon-juniper forests and sagebrush communities dwarfs its many predecessors. The Trump regime is finalizing a “Restoration” EIS targeting 38.5 million acres of public land across 6 states – Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Utah and California. The 60,156 square mile land area is larger than [...]

The Sahrawi Nakba in an Age of Insurrection

Mainstream pop culture historians always deify the 1960’s as some kind of Woodstock utopian fantasy gone to seed. But any true countercultural history buff knows that the Seventies were where it was really at. After Charlie Manson scared off the flower children, things got truly radical. The left got the message and stopped playing nice. [...]

Modern Street Conservatism

In light of the street demonstrations and mob attack on the Capitol, I think it timely to reflect on how the demagogue currently in office succeeded in directing a mass action (there and elsewhere). The question at the heart of the Sixth of January’s surreal moment is an apparent reverence of conservatism and particularly the [...]

The Political Class: At War with Each Other and on the Rest of Us

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,” President John F. Kennedy said in a 1962 speech, “will make violent revolution inevitable.” Nearly 60 years later, two warring groups within the American political class seem resolutely determined to make “peaceful revolution” — by which JFK seems to have meant orderly democratic decision-making — impossible. Supporters of Donald [...]