America’s Neoliberal Financialization Policy vs. China’s Industrial Socialism

Nearly half a millennium ago Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince described three options for how a conquering power might treat states that it defeated in war but that “have been accustomed to live under their own laws and in freedom: … the first is to ruin them, the next is to reside there in person, the third is to permit them to live under their own laws, drawing a tribute, and establishing within it an oligarchy which will keep it friendly to you.”

Starving Yemen

Yemen is starving to death. More accurately, Yemen is being starved to death.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf States, has deliberately chosen to weaponize starvation in its war against Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels.  The Saudi-led coalition has imposed a land, sea, and air blockade of Yemen which keeps desperately needed food, fuel, and medicine from the 90% of Yemenis who are completely reliant on humanitarian aid from the outside world.

The Palestinians: “We Shall Not Be Moved”

The resolve of the Palestinians to live on the land that is rightly theirs, despite all the Israeli efforts to dislodge them and drive them out, has never wavered. Just as the long struggle of African Americans has persisted since in the face white resistance which has employed an evolving array of tactics to block their way, ‘voting reform, being only the last.

Racial Oppression Will Not be Overcome Under Capitalism

Much of America’s chatterbox class is aghast at the authoritarian racism on ugly display on the white-nationalist Amerikaner FOX News right. The Don Lemons, Anderson Coopers, Rachel Maddows, and Joy Reids et al. shake their heads and roll their eyes at the nauseating idiocy of the Republifascist Caucasians who advance and support measures to suppress Black voting, who find absurd reasons to back cops who murder and maim people of color, and who preposterously deny the existence of systemic anti-Black racism in American life.

Cold War Liberalism and the Labor Movement: The Epic Fail

During the Cold War, labor unions violated the basic principle of solidarity by joining forces with Imperial elites to weaken militant trade unionism abroad — usually under the mantle of anti-communism. By undermining unions, AFL-CIO foreign policy helped corporations exercise global control and contributed its share to the availability of cheap labor abroad. That cheap labor then became a central ingredient in outsourcing, plant closing, wage suppression, and the loss of jobs at the heart of labor’s decline.

Roaming Charges: Invitation to a Haunting

Last Saturday morning, I took off early for the high desert in search of prairie falcons, wildflowers and rock art. It had been a gray, drizzly week in the Willamette Valley and I craved sun. I crossed the Columbia on the Bridge of the Gods, then took Highway 14, which hugs the river tightly, too [...]

Life After Covid, as the U.S. Competes with China

Who can doubt that if Trump had won reelection, the numbers of people vaccinated against covid would be in the thousands, instead of Biden’s nearly 100 million? Who can doubt that the daily death rate would stand above 3000, as MAGA morons went about their business maskless and as it was when Trump left office [...]

The Case of the Cato Street Conspirators: a Sad Tale of Suffering, Insurrection, and Ruling Class Criminality

May Day’s a-coming and folks will be thinking of the eight hour day, a workers commonwealth, the martyrs of Haymarket, and how to kick the ass of the ruling class. Meanwhile, here’s a sad tale of suffering, insurrection, ruling class criminality, and (for those with eyes to see and ears to hear) the way that [...]

Denis Halliday: A Voice of Reason in an Insane World

Denis Halliday is an exceptional figure in the world of diplomacy. In 1998, after a 34-year career with the United Nations—including as an Assistant Secretary-General and the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq—he resigned when the UN Security Council refused to lift sanctions against Iraq. Halliday saw at first hand the devastating impact of this policy [...]

Violence for the Sake of Violence

In the scene on the TV, we see a man lying on the ground, unmoving, his hands behind his head. His head is raised a bit so he can see what is coming toward him. We see four large men walking in a line toward this guy on the street. The four approach him slowly, [...]

Contrary to What Biden Said, U.S. Warfare in Afghanistan is Set to Continue

When I met a seven-year-old girl named Guljumma at a refugee camp in Kabul a dozen years ago, she told me that bombs fell early one morning while she slept at home in southern Afghanistan’s Helmand Valley. With a soft, matter-of-fact voice, Guljumma described what happened. Some people in her family died. She lost an [...]

Venezuela Border Conflict Mixes Drug Trafficking and Regime-Change Ambitions

Since mid-March Venezuelan army units have been attacking and expelling Colombian operatives active in Apure state, in western Venezuela. Colombians have long used the border regions to prepare cocaine arriving from Colombia and ship it to the United States and Europe. Fighting has subsided; eight Venezuelan troops were killed. Seeking safety, 3,500 Venezuelans crossed the [...]

Groundhog Day: Postmortem in Bessemer

The defeat of the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union (RWDSU) in Bessemer, Alabama at the hands of Amazon is both dispiriting and wholly predictable. Predictable in that it is just another in a seemingly endless string of high profile organizing drives that have suffered defeat in final votes that were not particularly close. The [...]

Pakistan at the Crossroads, Again

Several recent events in Pakistan are indicative of trouble brewing in the land of my birth once again. A couple of intertwined regressive discourses, have coalesced at this moment that, depending upon how they are handled and resolved (or not)—could determine the future direction the country takes. The first of these discourses one would like [...]

Was Trump’s Family-Separation Policy Torture?

“A crime against humanity” and “a disgrace to our great country”: that’s how 99-year-old Benjamin Ferencz, the last surviving prosecutor of the Nazis at the Nuremberg war-crimes trials, characterized the Donald Trump administration’s coercive separation of thousands of immigrant children from parents seeking asylum. Former U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein cited a statement by [...]

Recognition of Palestine is ‘Symbolic’ But also Critical: the Australian Case

Australia’s Labor Party’s recognition of Palestine as a State on March 30 is a welcomed position, though it comes with many caveats. Pro-Palestinian activists are justified to question the sincerity of the ALP’s stance and whether Australia’s Labor is genuinely prepared to fully adopt this position should they form a government following the 2022 elections. [...]

Ben Fletcher—Unsung Hero of the Working Class

Ben Fletcher is the definition of an unsung hero. He was a Black union organizer in a time when racial segregation on the job and in the community was the de facto norm and most labor unions enforced that norm. Ben Fletcher joined the one union that didn’t–the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and [...]

Communicating Global Warming

Given the success of the polluting industries in feeding the public with disinformation on global warming, we need to think about how to communicate global warming better than we have done so far. For that one needs to examine how to communicate complex problems such as global warming; there should be a framework for environmental [...]

The Indefensible Violence of Wildlife Killing Contests

Wildlife Killing Contests is—as intended—extremely difficult to watch. The recently released twenty-five-minute documentary, produced by Filipe DeAndrade and Brian Moghari in partnership with Project Coyote, contains graphic footage of animals being callously slain for entertainment and prize money, only to be added to piles of carcasses used for vain photo opportunities. As gruesome and stomach-turning as this [...]

The Hawks Who Want War With Iran Are Working Overtime

Just as talks between the US and Iran were taking place last week in Vienna, a cyberattack was carried out on Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. Reports are that the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, was behind the attack that blacked out the facility just one day after Tehran launched new advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges and as [...]

Letters From Minsk: the Warsaw Ghetto

This is the sixth in a series about train and bicycle rides from Switzerland to Belarus, in those carefree days before pandemic lockdowns. From the Katyn Museum I biked to a Warsaw Ghetto memorial and the nearby Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Along the way, I found a small stretch of the [...]

Slavery and the Age of Ego

The continual expanse of western enslavement culture has never been directly about race, class, or any other perceived external divisions, rather it’s an ego sickness at its root. When the ego drive is running the show we are slaves to its impulses, subsequently the external world we’ve constructed expresses that which is within; a slavish [...]

If We Cannot Hold the Pass

It is time to stop asking ourselves, “What can I do?” and start asking, “What needs to be done?” —Will Falk The wind is tearing through Thacker Pass. I am warm enough in my tent, though I can’t sleep. In a nightmare vision, I have seen what will happen if we cannot hold this pass [...]

Saving the Mama Tree: Seventy Feet Up an Ancient Redwood

Greasy Pete, his “tree-sitter” name, went up the “Mamma Tree” on the eighth of this month; Bugs followed, climbing the next closest big tree on the eleventh. Today, they sit on platforms 75 feet up a 200 foot-tall redwood tree, well-equipped to survive indefinitely. The expectation was that there would be a confrontation on the [...]

Making Sense of a Viral Military

Herd immunity? Don’t count on it. Not if that “herd” is the U.S. military. According to news reports, at least a third of active-duty military personnel or those in the National Guard have opted out of getting the coronavirus vaccine. That figure, by the way, doesn’t even include American troops stationed around the world, many [...]

Biden Aligning With the Wrong Side in India

India’s dramatic decline from a shaky but functional democracy into an authoritarian dictatorship under the hard-right Hindu nationalist BJP is nearly complete. But deeply rooted traditions of dissent and tolerance, which had long been in abeyance, have during the past 15 months created a strong democratic challenge that has caught both the government and seasoned [...]

Forced Patriotism is Un-American: Arkansas and the Anthem

Should student-athletes and those attending athletic events be forced into displays of patriotism? Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge thinks so. She recently introduced the “Star-Spangled Banner Act,” which would require each public school to play the National Anthem at the beginning of all school-sanctioned sporting events. A second piece of legislation, the “Moment of Silence [...]

Craving Forbidden Intimacy

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Rush Limbaugh, in his private life, was a warm, funny, and affectionate man, generous and welcoming to those drawn by his charm. Yet he spread public poison in his radio persona. I feel sorrow that Rush Limbaugh apparently died unrepentant of his poison. It’s a big load of [...]

Anarchists Need to Drop the Adjectives

Every decade or so anarchism seems to find its way back into the limelight for another 15 minutes. We’re usually roundly vilified but it still offers us a rare window to attract the non-political class and shop around our ideas. In the late nineties, we had the Anti-Globalization Movement and the Battle of Seattle. About [...]

Social Democrats, China and John McCain Prize

Canadians truly committed to a rules-based, peaceful international order need voices in Parliament to speak up against militarism and the US empire. Instead we get a supposed ‘left’ party indistinguishable from the right. The recent flap over an award given out by the Halifax International Security Forum highlights how the NDP is jumping into bed [...]

Monopoly Versus Democracy: Reflections on Unionizing Amazon

About 16% of Amazon workers voted to join the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union in Bessemer, Alabama, according to the monopoly company’s statement. Consider in what way the process happened. We turn to author, journalist and professor Juan González. “How do more than 2,000 workers sign union cards at Amazon’s Alabama plant but only [...]

Armed Racism Keeps No One Safe

“Get out of the car! Get out of the car now!!” The officer — the mad man with a badge — probably shouts those words 50 times at the driver, Second Lt. Caron Nazario, at a gas station in Windsor, Va., all the while holding a gun a foot from his face. Nazario, who is [...]

Why Disability Rights Advocates Are Pressing the Senate to Allow an Internet Voting Option

National disability rights organizations are urging the Senate to revise the massive House-passed election reform bill to allow an internet-based voting option for their constituents, who represent one-sixth of the national electorate, and to recognize online voting as a federally sanctioned and regulated voting technology. Their concerns and online voting remedy have come into focus [...]

The “Footloose” Eco-Activism of Marnie Gaede

Marnie Gaede has been selected to receive the Fund for Wild Nature’s Grassroots Activist of the Year Award for 2021 for her many contributions to environmental activism. The overall arc of Marnie’s multifaceted experiences can be connected with the word “footloose.” Long before she became involved in saving whales and other wildlife, Marnie dated an [...]

After Elections, Seoul Braces for Environmental Inaction

An estimated 17,000 people die every year in South Korea from air-pollution-related illnesses. But this top-priority issue was conspicuously absent from the campaign manifesto of the newly elected mayor of Seoul. The death of former mayor Park Won-soon in 2020 triggered the April 7 by-election to fill the remainder of his term. Park’s suicide and [...]

Why Biden is Feigning Left

The corporate media hoopla attendant to President Joseph Biden’s announced $2.5 trillion infrastructure proposal aims at putting Biden in the Franklin Delano Roosevelt New Deal-era crowd of “progressive” capitalist social reformers. The “centrist” Biden has been instantly converted to a “man of the people” whose legislative proposals are claimed to far exceed his “moderate” pre-election [...]

On, I Claud: From The Week to the Worker to Breakfast With Hemingway in Spain

In his autobiography, I, Claud, Claud Cockburn describes being recruited to write for the Daily Worker in late 1936: It was about this time that Mr. Pollitt, Secretary of the Communist Party of Great Britain, whom I had never met, was suddenly announced on the telephone. Would I, he asked, take the next train, in 20 minutes or [...]

Nobody’s Burisma But My Own

I don’t know about you, because I can’t read your mind, but I’m beginning to lose mine when I read what appears to be MSM taunts about their hold on the narrative. Feels like, nah-nah, we control the honey (pictures naughty kids dressed as bees skipping down the road, taunting, like something out of Lillian [...]

The Home of Devils

For wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together. – Matthew 24:28 Joe Biden has publicly announced the “end to the war in Afghanistan” and just like that..…well of course, not really the end and not today but we have an announcement to cheer us up. I suppose by announcing the final [...]

Cry Fraud and Let Slip

Alas, regardless of their doom, The little victims play! No sense have they of ills to come, Nor care beyond today. – William Whitehead,  On a Distant Prospect of Eton College (1742) From time to time it is good to be reminded that the consequences of trump’s verbal attack on the election could have been even [...]

Corporation as Cult: WeWork’s Wild Ride

In the late 70s, I worked for a consulting company in New York called Automated Concepts Inc., mostly known in the industry as ACI. The CEO was a guy named Fred Harris who was well-liked by the staff, including me. It was also common knowledge that Fred used to attend EST workshops, where he supposedly [...]

Ramsey Clark: One of the Greatest

On the 9th of April 2021, Ramsey Clark passed away in the States. He was ninety four. The former US Attorney-General had spent decades in the struggle for human rights both when he was in government and after he ceased to be Attorney-General. He had been in the forefront of so many human rights causes [...]

Bach at Tax Time

J.S. Bach’s two musical confrontations with taxes span his career composing and performing cantatas. Nur jedem das Seine (To Each His Own!), BWV 163, dates from 1715, the year after Bach had been promoted from Court Organist at Weimar to the rank of Concertmaster. In this new post Bach was charged with producing one cantata [...]

Interior Department Orders Give New Hope for Climate, Public Lands, and Justice

Secretary Deb Haaland reinstates moratorium on coal leasing and sets stage for climate accountability and environmental justice Denver, CO—WildEarth Guardians today cheered Interior Secretary Deb Haaland’s latest actions to protect the climate and public lands, and to restore transparency, public accountability, environmental scrutiny, and justice in the U.S. Department of the Interior. “Today is a [...]

Amazon Workers’ Defeat: The Trusts Are Back

On Friday, April 9th, the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union was defeated in its effort to organize Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, AL. The union accuses Amazon of unfairly interfering with the vote and plans to appeal. However disappointing is the Amazon defeat, it signals something more telling.  During the fin de siècle and the early-20th century, large corporations cornered whole segments of America’s economy using predatory pricing, exclusivity deals and other anti-competitive practices to undercut smaller local businesses. And numerous strikes were defeated, often leading striking workers injured, arrested or killed.