Three Antifa Poems to Get Me Through

Three Antifa Poems To Get Me Through by John Kendall Hawkins I. In the fascist playgrounds of yesteryore where fey made monsters held court and fought turf wars for our twinkies, our little packaged sugar shacks, our souls — while their future wives snapped gum and smoked at the same time — we were presented [...]

Two White Men

The U.S. Constitution of 1787 began as a document that permitted slavery under State law and confirmed the continuation of the slave trade until 1816. The notorious compromise that resulted in the inclusion of the Fugitive Slave Clause (Article IV, Section2, Clause 3), made all Americans of that time a party to the dehumanization of African Americans as fungible economic objects, obliging them to return fleeing slaves to their lives of enslavement. It made all Americans a party to the crass reduction of Black men to three-fifths of their headcount in order to provide states in which they were held the political clout to uphold the institution of slavery.

Brennan’s Nuremberg Defense: One More Whitewash of the CIA’s Torture Program

With his disingenuous memoir, Brennan has now joined forces with former CIA directors and deputy directors such as Tenet, McLaughlin, Goss, and Michael Morell who refuse to recognize the CIA created a sadistic program that went far beyond DoJ guidelines, and then lied about the extent of the torture and the fact that nothing was learned that stopped terrorist activity. 

Labour Under Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer, an MP since 2015, won the April 2020 Labour leadership contest after Jeremy Corbyn lost the 2019 general election. Starmer beat rivals Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy with 56.2% of the vote in the first round, and therefore also became Leader of the Opposition.  In his acceptance speech Starmer said he planned to [...]

Trump’s Durable Base and Rolling Coup

Even after everything, with Trump now backing a herd immunity virus approach that could kill 2 million or mor Americans and undertaking an unmistakable tyrannical assault on Americans’ cherished right to vote while blocking a stimulus package as millions more Americans are thrown out of work and health insurance (and their homes), Trump still garners approval from more than 4 in 10 Americans. He remains at least in striking distance to win the election flat-out in some if not most of the 8 or so contested states where the 2020 presidential election will be determined.

How Biden Flubbed Town Hall Foreign Policy Question

Toward the end of Joe Biden’s October 15 town hall session, a Trump supporter asked Biden the only foreign policy question of the night. “So peace is breaking out all over the world,” the questioner claimed. “Our troops are coming home. Serbia is talking to Kosovo. And the Arabs and Israelis are talking peace, which [...]

Nukes on the Moon?

Not content to desecrate our terrestrial landscape with hundreds of thousands of tons of nuclear waste — much piled up with nowhere to go, the rest released to contaminate our air, water and soil — humankind, in all its folly, now plans to do the same to the Moon. And, eventually to Mars. While our [...]

A Short History of the ‘On Again, Off Again’ Fiscal Stimulus Negotiations

It’s been more than three months since the March-April economic rescue package, called the Cares Act, expired at the end of July. Since then both political parties, Republican and Democrat, have played a ‘hot potato’ bargaining game: i.e. “here’s my offer, the ball’s in your court…Here’s mine, now it’s your turn”. This week the game [...]

Guilty Verdict in the Massacre of Jesuits Marks a “Milestone of Justice” for El Salvador

Inocente Montano, a former deputy defense minister of El Salvador, retired military man, and ex-member of one of the bloodiest commando units operating during that Central American country’s civil war of the 1980s, has become the first Salvadoran convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity. “The conviction marks a milestone of justice in the [...]

Sloppy Methodology: Social Media, Censorship and the New York Post’s Hunter Biden Story

It was highly probable. Given the howls of concern that social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook nurse and nurture a bias (every choice on content entails one), a gift was made to critics to show just that. Last Wednesday, Twitter prevented users from posting links to a New York Post story. The story, [...]

An Open Letter to Biden: 5 Easy Steps to Reduce the Threat of Nuclear War

Here is a letter I intend to mail in November. But I want you know about it now, to bring up an issue that is crucial to consider before you vote, and which has not received enough attention. Dear President-Elect Biden, I’m so happy that you were elected because in January you can start to [...]

Top 12 Reasons Biden Is Not My Fault

When the Democratic Party decided it preferred Trump to Bernie and would rather nominate to run against Trump a more corporate-friendly candidate who was polling more weakly against Trump, there were — in theory — at least two choices. First, millions of people could have publicly announced that they would not vote for either rotten [...]

When Does Incompetence Become a Crime?

Politicians grappling with crises, be it a war or a pandemic, are frequently over-impressed by experts with the right bedside manner and a command of the technical jargon. They are less good, and the same applies to the media, in knowing if this apparent expertise has real practical value in averting some pressing danger. Often it does not. A doctor or an academic specialist may know a lot about how the virus operates inside the body, but have no idea and no experience of how to stop it spreading from person to person in an epidemic. This is quite a different skill.

Amy Coney Barrett, Constitutional Precedent, and the Problem of Originalism

Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett is a threat to many constitutional precedents, including Roe v. Wade (abortion rights), National Federation of Business v. Sebelius, (Obamacare), and Obergefell v. Hodges (marriage equality).  It may not simply be her ideology or pre-judged opinions that pose the problem, it is her constitutional interpretive method of Originalism that is the issue.

Large-Scale Permafrost Thawing

Twenty-five percent (25%) of the Northern Hemisphere is permafrost. By all appearances, it is melting well beyond natural background rates, in fact, substantially! Making matters much, much worse, new research has identified past warming events of large-scale permafrost thaw in the Arctic that may be analogous to today, thus spotting a parallel problem of large-scale [...]

Fighting Racism in the US Marine Corps

By 1971, the Marine Corps had suffered racial outbreaks at every major Marine base in the world, except one. In Vietnam, some units were disarmed after coming out of the bush, as there had been firefights between white and Black Marines. A celebration of Martin Luther King’s life by Black Marines at Chu Lai in April 1969, one year after his assassination, had been surrounded by tanks. Racial “relations” were terrible. (As was true in all the other branches, in Vietnam, the US and on bases in Europe.)

Nuclear War Makes a Comeback

On websites where policy makers, scholars, and military leaders gather, concern about the possibility of nuclear war has been rising sharply in recent months as China, the United States, and Russia develop new weapons and new ways of using old ones. On War on the Rocks, an online platform for national security articles and podcasts, [...]

Decisive Victory of MAS in Bolivia: A Blow to Anti-Indigenous and Anti-Socialist Coups in the Americas

Caracas. The decisive electoral victory of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) in Bolivia may be a point of inflection on the continent that advances the construction of a new South American socialist bloc. After having been removed from power by a military coup with fascist, anti-Indigenous, and neoliberal elements a year ago, ex-president Evo Morales, [...]

Britannic Impunity: Torture and the UK Overseas Operations Bill

It was praised by Michael Clarke, former Director-General of the Royal United Services Institute, as “clear and entire laudable” – at least up to a point. The UK Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill would “give [British] troops serving overseas much-needed extra protection against fraudulent or frivolous claims against them of criminal behaviour.” It [...]

America’s New Policy of Demoting Democracy

In November 2000, the battle between George W. Bush and Al Gore for the U.S. presidency was deadlocked over the status of a few thousand votes in Florida. Gore had won the popular vote, but the margin of victory in the Electoral College depended on Florida. In that state, Bush held a very slim lead [...]

Voting Heroes

Pictures of U.S. citizens waiting in line for up to eight hours to vote in Georgia are stunning. Ordinary citizens, Mr. and Mrs. tout le monde, some sitting on folding chairs, many reading to pass the time, show a determination to cast ballots that deserves recognition and reflection. Recognition as Time magazine’s Citizens of the [...]

Amazonia: In the Flames, They See Money

Sônia Guajajara delivered this speech to accept the 2020 Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Award on behalf of the Association of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB). The Association is standing up to powerful corporations, backed by an oppressive government, to protect indigenous rights and lands — all while fighting a deadly pandemic. On October 15, award-winning author [...]

Will ‘Nones’ Bring a Progressive Future?

 Someday, the coronavirus tragedy will be gone, wiped out by scientific vaccines.  And Donald Trump will be just an unpleasant memory, an absurd reminder of what can happen when bigotry contaminates democracy. This part of the 21st century will be remembered chiefly, I predict, as the era when supernatural religion died among intelligent western people.  I think it [...]

Rule Draconia: Tories and Labor Collude in Enabling Act for State Crimes

The Tory government (with the collusion of the Labour leadership) is ramming through one of the most draconian and tyrannical laws ever seen in an ostensible democracy, a bill that will give a wide and ever-expanding number of state agencies the power to torture, rape and kill citizens without any legal consequences. This is no rhetorical exaggeration; it is the plain fact – as that notoriously far-left commie rag, the Spectator, points out.

In Trump’s America, There Is Death Before Due Process

The federal government’s killing of Michael Reinoehl exactly two months before the November 3 presidential race ought to have been one of the most high-profile election issues being discussed in America. Instead, it has been almost forgotten save for some media outlets starting to question the official narrative of his death. The little-known self-proclaimed “antifa” activist was killed by federal agents on September 3. Officers claimed that he had fired shots at them before being gunned down. But a week after his killing, the Washington Post found that “the wanted man wasn’t obviously armed.”

The Courts v. Democracy

Of the six major controversies to convulse the Supreme Court since 2000, exactly half have been over personnel. First, in 2016, the Republican Senate refused to consider President Obama’s nomination to the court, claiming that nine months was too soon before an election and that the American people should have a say; then, in 2017, Trump’s nominee to the Court, Brett Kavanaugh, was credibly accused of sexual assault and confirmed amidst national protests; and now, less than two months before the 2020 presidential election, Republicans are vowing to confirm a justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg regardless of the election results.

Sound and Fury

The sound of the hearings was muffled because the public never got to know Barrett’s position on major issues. She successfully dodged the most rudimentary questions even a high schooler could answer, like whether it’s legal to intimidate a voter. “I can’t apply the law to a hypothetical set of facts,” she replied to that question. C’mon.

Reframing America’s Role in the World

The so-called Age of Trump is also an age of instantly forgotten bestselling books, especially ones purporting to provide the inside scoop on what goes on within Donald Trump’s haphazard and continuously shifting orbit. With metronomic regularity, such gossipy volumes appear, make a splash, and almost as quickly vanish, leaving a mark no more lasting [...]

The War on Cuba and Venezuela

Why are Havana’s food markets so empty? For the Cuban people, the U.S. War on Venezuela stands out as a clear culprit contributing to these daily frustrations and hardships. “Right now fewer trucks are coming in. Less merchandise too. And the quality isn’t the same because a lot of the products are rotting the fields [...]

Waiting for a Vaccine and the Collaborative Research Alternative

It seems increasingly likely that China will begin providing vaccines to its own people, as well as those in some other countries, by December, and possibly as early as next month. The prospect of a vaccine being available that soon has to look good to people here, now that the Trump administration’s pandemic control efforts [...]

Corporatist Judge Barrett – Two More Senate Abstentions Needed to Stop Trump

In a 1995 book review published in the University of Chicago Law Review, Elena Kagan (now Justice Kagan) wrote about judicial nominees avoiding disclosing their views on legal issues. She said, “[T]he safest and surest route to the prize lay in alternating platitudinous statement and judicious silence. Who would have done anything different, in the [...]

Abbie Hoffman: the Man at Gate 5

Netflix has a new film out entitled “The Trial of The Chicago 7.” It’s quite good, and it reminded me of one of my childhood heroes, Abbie Hoffman, and an odd little encounter I had at Logan airport in Boston in the early seventies. Abbie Hoffman was a co-founder of the Youth International Party – [...]

Taxpayers Shell Out Huge Subsidies to Wolf Pup-Killer’s Ranching Enterprise

It’s been a while since there’s been news about public lands rancher/wolf killer Craig Thiessen from New Mexico. He’s the guy who pleaded guilty to killing a trapped Mexican gray wolf pup (named “Mia Tuk” by an Albuquerque schoolkid) with a shovel in 2015. He got off relatively easy for violating the Endangered Species Act [...]


The analogy of judges being like umpires calling balls and strikes has been used to argue that judges merely apply the law according to the rules, leaving no room for bias. The misleading nature of this claim has never been more apparent. Objectivity in judging is a myth. As Justice Cardozo noted, “We (judges) may [...]

Money Rules

I watched  the Senate Judiciary Committee deliberations on Judge Amy Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination. A thought-provoking juxtaposition was the  statements of Senators Mike Lee (R-Utah), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas). Lee, after observing that they are both members of  once-persecuted groups (Lee a Mormon, Barrett a Catholic) praised Barrett for her courage  defending [...]

May 2020, May 1968

In May 2020, George Floyd was murdered. Brutally. Without remorse. Since then this country has shown itself: in the streets, in its writing, etc. An “I am”, an American metaphysics has even emerged: a refusal to be anything else but one who seeks justice. We are living in a concerning but insurrectionary age, an age [...]

Glück Glück Glück 

Glück Glück Glück  They say what they want Is law and order — Either pleonasm or oxymoron — Though, really, they only want order By which they mean murder And some folks believe That a murder of crows Should henceforth be known As crow crews Glück, says the chicken Glück Glück Glück To this day [...]

The U.S. Did Not Defeat Fascism in WWII, It Discretely Internationalized It

When the United States entered WWII, the future head of the CIA, Allen Dulles, bemoaned that his country was fighting the wrong enemy. The Nazis, as he explained, were pro-capitalist Aryan Christians, whereas the true enemy was godless communism and its resolute anti-capitalism. After all, the U.S. had, only some 20 years prior, been part of a massive military intervention in the U.S.S.R., when fourteen capitalist countries sought—in the words of Winston Churchill—to “strangle the Bolshevik baby in its crib.”

The Coup Already Underway

This might be a good time for Americans to stop masochistically worshipping at the feet of their nation’s authoritarian Constitution. A proto-fascistic genocidal racist maniac and anti-science eco-exterminist determined to kill two million more Americans with COVID-19 sits in the White House thanks in no small part due to the absurdly venerated 1788 United States [...]

How Trust in a Covid Vaccine Eroded

The Trump regime has managed to scare most Americans off taking a covid vaccine, by convincing them it politicized the science to rush it to market. People have concluded it may not be safe. So much for Operation Warp Speed. It turned into Operation Warp Distrust. So what if it provides 300 million vaccine doses by early 2021 – if few people take it, that’s a waste of time and effort.

Roaming Charges: Pray, Grin and Barrett

The genius of the Biden campaign is that there really is no Biden campaign. The outcome of the election will almost certainly depend on whether they can resist the temptation to start one over the next three weeks.

Who Elected Donald Trump?

The question of who elected Donald Trump may seem redundant, irrelevant even, this close to a new election. However, four years after the 2016 election, different constituencies offer wholly unrelated answers. What is inexplicable in one explanation fits into the trajectory of an historical epoch in another. The Wall Street – DC establishment sees the [...]

How Fascism Has Converged With Capitalism to Redefine Government

The looming election has brought forward intensifying debates over a capitalism in crisis, rising nationalism and state power, and the possibility of a renewed fascism. Polarized politics and ideologies alongside long-accumulated social problems and movements shape the objects and tones of debate. Can fascism happen here; is it underway? Or can current capitalism avoid a return to fascism? Such questions reflect the high stakes of the election and this moment in history.

Trump’s Endless Wars

In the aftermath of the attacks on 9/11, the Bush Administration invaded Iraq and tortured prisoners of war and terrorism suspects, in flagrant violation of the U.N. Charter and the Geneva Conventions. As a result, the United States lost standing among many of its traditional allies around the world. President Barack Obama’s global charm offensive [...]

The Tragedy of Stanley Crouch

I had some enjoyable encounters with Stanley Crouch. He was smart and witty. His humor dark and droll. But there was something wrong with Stanley in the head. Something that his groupies in their eulogies ignore. These were white groupies whose relationship to Stanley was like that between Jim and Huckleberry Finn. Stanley seemed to be constantly searching for someone who [...]