Volume 27 no 1 – Hardcopy


CounterPunch Magazine

Published April 2020

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In this Issue: The Rise of Deep Tech: Jennifer Matsui on the privatization of the surveillance state. Cuba vs. COVID: Charles McKelvey reports from Havana on the Cuban medical mission to stop a pandemic. Yemen, the War Goes On: Charles Pierson documents rising human toll a forgotten war. Upton Sinclair, Socialist: Jonah Raskin revisits the muckraker’s run for governor of California. American Death Cults, Now and Then: Jeffrey St. Clair at Barker Ranch. Will Germany and Russia Reshape Europe? Gaither Stewart writes from Rome on a new alliance. Plus: Timothy Messer-Kreuz on historians, slavery and the American Revolution, Chris Floyd on how the Tories blew the COVID crisis, Pete Dolack on why capitalism can’t deal with a crisis, Lucy Schiller on reality TV under lockdown and Lee Ballinger revisits the 1992 murder of Latasha Harlins in LA.