Volume 26 no 5

CounterPunch Magazine, December 2019

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In this Issue:

  • THE GLOBALIZATION OF PLASTIC: John Davis on how plastic came to rival climate change as the greatest threat to life on Earth
  • Laura Carlsen on Trump’s military threats against Mexico
  • Jefferson Morley on what the CIA knew about the assassination of JFK
  • Dave Macaray on the real Jimmy Hoffa
  • CIA whistleblower Mel Goodman on the lies of the Afghan War
  • Paul Street on progressive politics beyond impeachment
  • Jeffrey St. Clair on how torture and murder went mainstream
  • Rob Urie on the implications of the UK elections for the American Left
  • Pete Dolack on why capitalism can’t be reformed
  • Jennifer Matsui on “liberal derangement”
  • Lee Ballinger on the struggle for “equality.” and much more.
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