Volume 26 no 4

CounterPunch Magazine, October 2019

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In this Issue:

  • The Cult of Neoliberalism: Jennifer Matsui on global capitalism’s killer rampage
  • Thomas Adams on Corruption Inside the UAW
  • Laura Carlsen on the Collapse of Honduras
  • TJ Coles on using Aid as a Weapon Against Venezuela
  • Christopher Ketcham on the Fantasy of Sustainable Development
  • Andrew Smolski on FOIA and Transparency
  • Alexander Cockburn on George Orwell as Snitch
  • Kent Paterson goes inside El Paso and Juarez
  • Jeffrey St. Clair on impeachment
  • Pete Dolack, Daniel Raventos and Julie Work on Brexit
  • Ron Jacobs on Marianne Williamson
  • Lucy Schiller on a Body in Fukushima.
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