Volume 26 no 3

CounterPunch Magazine, August 2019

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In this Issue:

  • Return to the Regulatory Dark Ages: Mel Goodman on Trump’s war on science
  • The Afterlife of Chernobyl by Louis Proyect
  • Life in Tiajuana by Laura Carlsen
  • Housing is a Human Right by Lee Ballinger
  • A (Concentration) Camp by the Lake by Jeffrey St. Clair
  • India’s Tryst With Destiny by Colin Todhunter
  • Bernie Sanders and the F-35 by Dave Lindorff
  • Social Media and the Venezuelan Coup Attempt by John Marc Shorack
  • Daniel Raventós and Julie Wark on Degenerate Europe
  • Chris Floyd on the Resurgence of Old Evils, Dolack Capitalism, Climate Change and Extinction
  • Jennifer Matsui on the Curious Case of Patient X
  • Paul Krassner’s final essay, a profile of Mae Brussell.
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