Volume 26 no 2

CounterPunch Magazine, June 2019

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In this Issue:

  • The Democrats and the War Machine: Paul Street on how the Democrats have abetted Trump’s aggression against Iran and Venezuela
  • TJ Coles on how war fuels modern slavery
  •  Dan Glazebrook on the dismal state of Libya seven years after HRC and Obama’s coup
  • The Great Disappearance: John Davis on the extinction crisis
  • Mark Taylor on the death penalty and the mentally ill
  • Laura Carlsen on the political forces driving the war on drugs
  • Chris Floyd on impeachment
  • Pete Dolack on capitalism’s addiction to growth
  • Jeffrey St. Clair on grizzlies
  • Jennifer Matsui on mass surveillance and the Olympics
  • Elizabeth Lennard on the Venice Biennel. And much more….
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