Volume 25 no 6

CounterPunch Magazine, February 2019

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In this Issue:

  • The Wall From the Other Side: Laura Carlsen on how Mexico views Trump’s border wall
  • Master of the Lost Cause: Lee Ballinger on Robert E. Lee, Then and Now
  • Trump Does Africa: Nick Pemberton on the 21st Century War on Africa
  • Abbie Hoffman: American Environmentalist by Jonah Raskin
  • The ESA: Noah’s Ark or Titanic? by Craig Collins
  • Dan Glazebrook on Alexander Dugin and the New Fascism
  • Ron Jacobs on the Antiwar Movement in Olympia
  • Daniel Raventos and Julie Work on the Politics of Violence in Europe
  • Pete Dolack on Trickle-Down Economics’ Latest Failure
  • Ruth Fowler on Magnet Schools
  • Jeffrey St. Clair on Honduran Refugees
  • Chris Floyd on Virtual Reality Politics
  • Charles Pierson on Trump and the New World Order
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