Volume 25 no 5

CounterPunch Magazine, November 2018

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In this Issue:

  • The New NAFTA, Worse Than the Old? Laura Carlsen and Pete Dolack dig through the fine print of Trump’s big deal
  • In Yemen, No One Can Hear You Scream by Jeffrey St. Clair
  • The Venezuela Fixation by WT Whitney
  • The Political Economy of Homelessness in the US and the UK by Kenneth Surin
  • Fidel, Two Years Later by Susan Babbitt
  • Life Without a Boss by Stan de Spiegelaere
  • A Big Labor Fight in Iowa by Cinda Cooper
  • NFL Paper Lions and Sunshine Patriots by Matthew Stevenson
  • Trump’s Agenda of Destruction by Ruth Fowler
  • Following the Static by Chris Floyd
  • Our Daily Bread by Lee Ballinger
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