Volume 25 no 2

CounterPunch Magazine, April 2018

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In this Issue:

  • Just in Time for the New Cold War, New Nuclear Weapons! John LaForge provides a field guide to the US’s nuclear arsenal
  • A Writer Who Shook the World: P. Sainath on John Reed and the Russian Revolution
  • Who’s Afraid of AMLO: Mexico’s Big Elections by Kent Paterson
  • The President and the Porn Star by Ruth Fowler
  • The FBI at Work by Paul Krassner
  • Back to Trickle-Down Economics by Pete Dolack
  • The Working Poor by Daniel Raventos and Julie Wark
  • 1968: the Year of Youth by Laura Carlsen
  • Badge of Impunity by Jeffrey St. Clair
  • MSNBC’s Progressive Bot-ulism by Chris Floyd
  • Appalachia, Say You Will by Lee Ballinger
  • Through the Eyes of Steven Soderbergh by Ed Leer
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