Volume 25 no 1

CounterPunch Magazine, February 2018

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In this Issue:

  • The Slap Heard Around the World: Jeffrey St. Clair on Edward Said, Ahed Tamimi and the new face of Palestinian resistance
  • The Perils of Bi-Partisanship: Jason Hirthler on how consensus empowers the elites
  • Stealing Hondurus: Laura Carlsen on US-backed coups in Central America
  • Who Started the Korean War? by Marlon Ettinger
  • Iran on Four Wheels by Alison Aziz
  • The McMansions Arrive in LA by Julia Stein
  • I Used to be a Political Person by Ruth Fowler
  • Mike Whitney on North Korea
  • Chris Floyd on the crumbling US empire
  • Jeff Ballinger on the Nature of Human Nature
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