Volume 24 no 4

CounterPunch Magazine, August 2017

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In this Issue:

  • Whatever happened to the American Left? Paul Street dissects the decline of radical politics in the Age of Trump.
  • The Future of NATO by Ron Jacobs
  • The Fires of Neoliberalism by Kenneth Surin
  • What’s Driving Trump’s Bashing of Mexico? by Laura Carlsen
  • Preaching Racism by Lawrence Ware
  • Afghanistan: the War That Time Forgot by Jeffrey St. Clair
  • Refugees and Mental Health by Daniel Raventos and Julie Work
  • Let the Buybacks Begin! by Mike Whitney
  • The Battle of Hue Reconsidered by Michael Uhl
  • Yvette Carnell on Kamal Harris
  • Chris Floyd on the Surveillance State
  • Lee Ballinger on the Problems with Philanthropy
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