Volume 24 no 1

CounterPunch Magazine, January 2017

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In this Issue:

  • Trump and the Triumph of White Identity Politics: Eric Draitser on the racial animus that animated Trump’s legions
  • 70 Years of Decline for American Labor: Eric Laursen
  • When Clinton Intervened in Russia’s Elections: Nick Alexandrov
  • A World Beyond Trump: Matthew Stevenson
  • Tech Industry Monopolies: Rob Larson
  • What Blacks Don’t Owe Obama: Yvette Carnell
  • America’s Homeless Children: Richard Schweid
  • The War on Fracking: Lee Ballinger
  • Exxon and Climate Change: Jeffrey St. Clair
  • Mike Whitney on the Central Banks
  • Chris Floyd on Trump’s America
  • Jeffrey St. Clair on John Berger
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