Volume 23 no 6 – Hardcopy


CounterPunch Magazine

Published November 2016


This issue of CounterPunch Magazine delivered by First Class mail.

In this Issue:  Yvette Carnell explores the failure of identity politics; Mike Whitney dissects Trump’s economic policy, which looks like the same old trickledown with a few troubling wrinkles; Chris Floyd charts the rise of Trump on the continuum of American politics;  Jeffrey St. Clair dissects the Democrats’ abandonment of the working-class; Anthony DiMaggio reports on the street protests against Trump and Alena Wolflink examines how Trump’s campaign hit all the right nerves. Plus: Jason Hirthler on whitewashing the crimes of empire; Joshua Frank on climate change and the future of the grizzly; Seth Sandronsky and Dan Berman on the struggle for workplace safety; Ruth Fowler on police violence and gentrification; Daniel Raventos and Julie Wark on the refugee crisis; Robert Hunziker on spiking radiation levels in the Pacific Ocean and much more.