Volume 23 no 5

CounterPunch Magazine, September 2016

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In this Issue:

  • How Hillary Could Provoke a Nuclear War—Alan Nasser digs into Hillary Clinton’s horrifying nuclear weapons policy, where the use of a new generation of nukes is viewed as a legitimate tactic for conventional warfare
  • Hillary’s Mother Complex: Ruth Fowler dissects Hillary’s strange brand of feminism
  • Inside Our Camps: Lee Ballinger recounts the appalling history of the US internment camps for Japanese Americans
  • Up in Smoke: Josh Schlossberg investigates how the corporate environmental movement quietly promotes biomass energy
  • Beyond Progressivism: Andy Smolski charts how the progressive movement got coopted by Big Capital
  • Jeffrey St. Clair on melting glaciers
  • Yvette Carnell on the meaning of Colin Kaepernick
  • Paul Buhle on Margaret Sanger
  • Mike Whitney on Janet Yellen and Big Money
  • Ed Leer on the films of John Carpenter
  • Chris Floyd on ISIS and the new neocons
  • Daniel Raventos and Julie Wark on Europe’s Rebel Cities
  • Alan Wieder on Studs Terkel on Third parties.
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