Volume 23 no 3 – PDF


CounterPunch Digital Magazine

Published June 2016


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In this Issue:  How Goldman Sachs Bought the Clintons: Jeffrey St. Clair chronicles the the 30-year long bond between the Clintons and Goldman Sachs; MILITARY CONTRACTOR PHILANTHROPY by Joan Roelofs; TANGLED UP IN TRUMP by Chris Floyd; THE STIGMATIZATION OF BLACK YOUTH by Lawrence Ware; ISIS, IRAQ & ISLAMIC NATIONALISM by Jennifer Loewenstein; HSBC & THE WHISTLEBLOWERS by Peter Lee; WHEN BLACKS VOTE THEIR FEARS by Yvette Carnell; RECONSTRUCTING THE MIDDLE EAST by Patrick Lawrence; THE FED’S PRIME OBJECTIVE by Mike Whitney; EL SALVADOR TO AMAZONIA by Garry Leech; TRANSATLANTIC TRADE PLUNDERSHIP by Daniel Raventos and Julie Wark; THE FILMS OF JACQUES RIVETTE by Ed Leer.