Volume 23 no 2

CounterPunch Magazine, April 2016

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In this Issue:

  • How the Democrats Destroyed Welfare:  Margaret Kimberley combs through the ruins left by Clintons’ destruction of the federal welfare programs
  • Historian Carl Boggs on the new US/NATO War on Russia
  • Dan Glazebrook surveys the radical life of Paul Robeson
  • Andrew Smolski exposes how the Meridia Initiative was used to militarize the drug war on the US/Mexican border
  • Arturo Desimone reports from Buenos Aires on the new neoliberal government of Argentina
  • Jennifer Loewenstein on the wreckage of Gaza
  • Daniel Raventos and Julie Wark on the refugee crisis in Europe
  • Mike Whitney on how the Fed mangled the economy
  • Yvette Carnell on Hillary as a broker of Black Life
  • Jeffery St. Clair on Hillary’s Blood Diamond, a visit to Hemingway’s house in Cuba
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