Volume 23 no 1

CounterPunch Magazine, March 2016

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In this Issue:

  • The Torments of Scalia: Jeffrey St. Clair on the brutal jurisprudence of Antonin Scalia
  • Inside the CIA: Melvin Goodman recounts his battles with William Casey and Robert Gates
  • Prisoners of War: Jennifer Lowenstein on Syria, Iraq and the Silenced Majority
  • Steeltown, USA: Lee Ballinger on the collapse of the industrial midwest
  • Hillary in Honduras: Nick Alexandrov exposes Hillary Clinton’s nasty role in the Honduran coup
  • The Red-Baiting of Bernie Sanders: Yvette Carnell excoriates the black political class for turning its back on the rich history of black socialism
  • Holland’s Climate Crisis: Dave Lindorff reports from Amsterdam on how are the Dutch are taking action against rising sea levels
  • Populists United: Sam Husseini charts a way out of the two-party stranglehold on American politics.
  • Mike Whitney on the easy money con of the central banks
  • Chris Floyd on the rotten choices offered by democracy
  • Luciana Bohne on the films of Ettore Scola
  • Javier Sethness Castro interviews Kim Stanley Robinson on radical politics and science fiction novels
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