Volume 22 no 9 – PDF


CounterPunch Digital Magazine

Published November 2015


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Fukushima Mon Amour:  Jeffrey St. Clair on the atomic hucksters pushing nuclear power as a solution to climate change; Mutually Assured Terrorism: Jennifer Loewenstein on equal and opposite reactions in the Syrian Civil War; Mr. Jefferson’s Final Solution: Ned and Constance Sublette on the founding father of white supremacy; Agents of Apartheid: David Price uncovers the FBI’s tracking of slain anti-apartheid activist Ruth First; Talking World War Three Blues: Ron Jacobs on the new war on ISIS. Plus:Mike Whitney on the Kremlin’s Red Line; Chris Floydon the ghosts of Iraq that haunt Syria; Lee Ballinger on the steady erosion of civil liberties; and Kim Nicolini on the films of the Dardenne Brothers.