Volume 22 no 8

CounterPunch Magazine,  October 2015

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In this Issue:  

  • BERNIE and the JETS: Jeffrey St. Clair on Bernie Sanders’ dogged promotion of the F-35 Fighter and Obama’s killer drone program
  • The Political Economy of Scapegoating:  Ben Debney on the politics of modern witch hunts
  • Assange and the Embassy: Binoy Kampmark reports on the ongoing pursuit of Julian Assange and Wikileaks’ latest explosive disclosures
  • The Great Lakes Nuke Dump: Joyce Nelson investigates the demented scheme to dispose of nuclear waste on the banks of Lake Huron 
  • Frontline East Jerusalem: Jennifer Loewenstein on the All Out War on Al Aqsa
  • Mike Whitney on Putin’s peace plan for Syria
  • Lee Ballinger on Music as the Conscience of the World
  • Chris Floyd on the bombing of the Kunduz hospital
  • Paul Krassner on his friend Robin Williams
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