Volume 22 no 7 – PDF


CounterPunch Digital Magazine

Published September, 2015


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IN THIS ISSUE:   The Populist Violence of Donald Trump:  Joseph Lowndes digs deep into Trump’s nativist rhetoric to disclose a vicious, racially-driven political agenda; Wall Street’s Terrorists Strike Again! Mike Whitney on who made a killing in the latest crash; CNN’s Summer of Lies: Jason Hirthler charts the rightward drift of CNN; Get Up Stand Up: Andrew Smolski documents the legal right to rebel; A New Nepal? Barbara Nimri Aziz reports from Nepal on the prospects for political change in the wake of the earthquakes; Adventures in Xenophobia: David Macaray explores the bitter legacy of the Chinese Exclusion Acts. Plus: Jeffrey St. Clair on Trump L’Oeil Politics; Kristin Kolb on the Ghosts of Wounded Knee; Chris Floyd on Trump as the new Reagan and Lee Ballinger on the horrors of the clothing industry.