Volume 22 no 5 – Hardcopy


CounterPunch Magazine

Printed June, 2015


This issue of CounterPunch Magazine delivered by First Class mail.

IN THIS ISSUE: War By Other Means: David Macaray writes a short history of economic sanctions; Purple Heart Nation: historian Jerry Lembcke on the fetishization of war wounds; Argentine journalist Daniel Edwards assays the political influence of the late Eduardo Galeano on the imagination of the American Left; in Free-Range Capitalism, journalist Stan Cox reports on the economic and environmental damage inflicted by corporate outsourcing; Lee Ballinger reports on political street art. Plus: Mike Whitney on the dangerous confrontation between China and the US in the South China Sea; Jeffrey St. Clair on the forgotten political legacy of blues legend BB King; Kristin Kolb on the role of illness in the art of Frida Kahlo; JoAnn Wypijewski on the senseless killing of  killing of Charlie Keunang.; Kim Nicolini surveys the films of Sofia Coppola and Nathaniel St. Clair says farewell to “Mad Men.”