Volume 22 no 3

CounterPunch Magazine, March 2015

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In this Issue:

  • Fattening Wall Street: Mike Whitney reports on the metamorphosis of Fed Chair Janet Yallin into a lackey for the bankers, bond traders and brokers
  • The New Religious Wars Over the Environment: Joyce Nelson charts the looming confrontation between the Catholic Church and fundamentalists over climate change, extinction and GMOs
  • A People’s History of Mexican Constitutions: Andrew Smolski on the 200 year long struggle of Mexico’s peasants, indigenous people and workers to secure legal rights and liberties
  • Spying on Black Writers: Ron Jacobs uncovers the FBI’s 50 year-long obsession with black poets, novelists and essayists
  • O Elephant! JoAnn Wypijewski on the grim history of circus elephants
  • Jeffrey St. Clair on birds and climate change
  • Chris Floyd on the US as nuclear bully
  • Seth Sandronsky on Van Jones’ blind spot
  • Lee Ballinger on musicians and the State Department
  • Kim Nicolini on the films of JC Chandor
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