Volume 22 no 2

CounterPunch Magazine, February 2015

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In this Issue:

  • Anatomy of Torture: Historian Christopher Dietrich on the 100-year-long history of American torture
  • Jeffrey St. Clair on the implications of giving impunity to the CIA’s torturers
  • Chris Floyd on how the US has exported torture to its client states around the world.
  • David Macaray on the Paradoxes of Police Unions
  • Louis Proyect on Slave Rebellions in the Open Seas
  • Paul Krassner on the perils of political cartooning
  • Martha Rosenberg on the dangers of livestock shot-up with antibiotics
  • Lee Ballinger on Elvis, Race and the Poor South
  • Mike Whitney on Greece and the Eurozone
  • JoAnn Wypijewski on Media Lies that Killed
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