Volume 22 no 10

CounterPunch Magazine, December 2015

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In this Issue:

  • Fear and Nukes on the Campaign Trail: John LaForge on the escalating nuclear rhetoric of the presidential candidates
  • The FBI’s Pursuit of Saul Landau: David Price digs through the FBI file on the late Saul Landau
  • Life in a Cage: a harrowing dispatch from inside the Colorado prison system by John Cochran
  • Middle East Notes: Jennifer Loewenstein on the execution of Sheikh Nimr and the rising tensions between the House of Saud and Iran
  • Down in Sonora: Lawrence Reichard reports from Mexico on the desperation of migrants on the run from La Migra
  • The Conspiracy of Capitalism: Mike Whitney on why the stock market is going crazy
  • A Comedy of Terrors by Jeffrey St. Clair
  • Don’t Fear the Reaper by Chris Floyd
  • The Political Economy of Boxing by Dave Macaray
  • The Root of All Evil by Lee Ballinger
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