Volume 21 no 9

CounterPunch Magazine,  October 2014

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In this Issue:

  • How Did Abortion Rights Come to This? Carol Hanisch charts how the right to an abortion began to erode shortly after the Roe v. Wade decision
  • Uber vs. the Cabbies: Ben Terrall reports on the threats posed by private car services
  • Remembering August 1914: Binoy Kampmark on the enduring legacy of World War I
  • Medical Marijuana: a Personal Odyssey: Doug Valentine goes in search of medicinal pot and a good vaporizer
  • Nostalgia for Socialism: Lee Ballinger surveys the longing in eastern Europe for the material guarantees of socialism
  • Paul Krassner on his Six Dumbest Decisions
  • Kristin Kolb on the Cancer Ward
  • Jeffrey St. Clair on the Making of the First Un-War
  • Chris Floyd on the Children of Lies
  • Mike Whitney on why the war on ISIS is really a war on Syria
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