Volume 21 no 6

CounterPunch Magazine, July 2014

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In this Issue:

  • God Save HRC, From RealityJeffrey St. Clair on Hillary Clinton’s miraculous rags-to-riches method of financial success
  • LA Confidential: Lee Ballinger on race, violence and inequality in Los Angeles
  • Paper Dragon: Peter Lee on China’s military
  • The Battle Over Pat Tillman: David Hoelscher provides a 10 year retrospective on the changing legacy of Pat Tillman
  • My Brother And the Space Program: Paul Krassner on the FBI and rocket science
  • Mike Whitney on how the Central Bank feeds state capitalism
  • JoAnn Wypijewski on what’s crazier than Bowe Bergdahl?
  • Kristin Kolb on guns and the American psyche
  • Chris Floyd the Terror War’s disastrous course.
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