Volume 21 no 4 – Hardcopy


CounterPunch Magazine

Printed April, 2014


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In this issue: DISASTERS OF OIL — Joshua Frank probes the mounting swarms of earthquakes in fracking zones throughout the Midwest and the lengths big oil and state regulators have gone to conceal the obvious connections; REVOLUTIONS FROM BELOW: Daniel Edwards reports from South America on the persistence of radical movements in the wake of Hugo Chavez’s death; HOW THE BANKS WON THE FORECLOSURE CRISIS: Darwin Bond-Graham exposes how the banks continue to profit from the misfortune of homeowners; SUPPORT THE TROOPS, SUPPORT YOURSELF: Lee Ballinger on the plight of veterans in America; WHY DO WE NEED A BOOK INDUSTRY? M.G. Piety on the gatekeepers of publishing; LIFE AFTER THE BOMBS: Carmelo Ruiz-Marello returns to Vieques; MAGICAL HUMANISM: Cesar Chelala writes an intimate portrait of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. PLUS: Daniel Wolff on Jesse Winchester; Chris Floyd on Russia, Ukraine and Shock Therapy capitalism; Mike Whitney on why the Democrats deserve to lose the midterms; JoAnn Wypijewski on Mexicali’s masters of the machine and Jeffrey St. Clair on the economics of contempt.